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Lunchbox 1.0
Lunchbox 1.0

Lunchbox 1.0 Support

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Location Change Of Ownership Process
Self-Serve Menu Sync
1.0 Admin Dashboard Redesign Overview
LB1 Admin Dashboard Training
Refunding Guests (for Toast)
Toast Deferred Revenue Menu Items
Adding a New Location
Phone Verification
Email Templates Overview
Payment Setup and Lunchmoney Configuration
Gift Card Purchase and Redemption
Mobile Pay Overview
Catering 1.0: Placing an Order for a Guest
Searching for Gift Cards
Discounts and Promo Codes Setup & Generation
(LB 1.0) Manual In-Store Loyalty Lookup and Redemption
Location Ordering Features
Scan to Pay Overview
Menu Hierarchy
Overview - Analytics Breakdown
Guest Profiles
Searching for Orders
Delivery Tip Reporting in the POS
[Engage] Audience Segmentation & Export
Nested Modifiers Setup
Refunding Guests in Lunchbox 1.0
Sales - Analytics Breakdown
Searching for a Location
What is inside Order Details?
[Engage] Targeted Push Notifications
Home Content
Packing Instructions
Item - Analytics Breakdown
Receipt Emails
Making Edits to your Locations
[Analyze] Sales Overview Dashboard
Sales Reports
Location Dropdown
Searching for Guests
[Analyze] Sales Comparison Dashboard
Order Throttling
Admin Dashboard Glossary
Sales by Platform: App vs. Web
Menu Priority
LB 1.0 Awarding Loyalty in the Admin Dashboard
[Analyze] Product Mix Dashboard
Holiday Hours
Guest Reporting
Order Type Availability
[Analyze] Cohort Analysis Dashboard
Updating Your Settings
Award or Remove Loyalty Points
Availability Based on Location
Exporting Sales Report
Setting Item Min/Max
Banning Guest
[Analyze] Guest Segmentation Dashboard
Gift Card Analytics
Catering Management 1.0
LB 1.0 Look Up Patron's Loyalty Activity
Dining Hours
Disabling Menu Items
Searching for Discounts
[Analyze] Cart Size Dashboard
Editing Menu Items
Order Thresholds and Prep Time Estimates
and Forgot Password
[Analyze] Enhanced Sales Report
Creating Upsells
LB 1.0 Awarding Loyalty In-Store: Scan, Email or Phone Number
Operating Times
Viewing and Updating your Admin Profile
[Analyze] Product Mix Report
Cover Size
What's inside Discount Details?
Searching for Admins
LB 1.0 [Analyze] Location Loyalty Report
Creating Admins for your Organization
How to Mark an Item Unavailable
[Analyze] Guest Metrics Report
Updating or Deleting Admins for your Organization
Scheduling Item Availability
Changing your Menu Pictures
Admin Dashboard for Marketplace
Changing your Menu Info
Updating Menu Priority
Minimum & Maximum
Media Images
Promotions Dashboard: Feature Overview
(LB 1.0) Turning New Location "ON" when ready to Launch