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Discounts and Promo Codes Setup & Generation
Discounts and Promo Codes Setup & Generation
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Feature Overview


Discounts that are created within the POS can be synced into Lunchbox to be used as Promotional Codes.

The following Discounts are available via Lunchbox:

  • BOGO (Buy One, Get One free discount)

  • % off (Percentage off discount)

  • $ off (Cash reduction discount)

NOTE: We currently don’t have the option for combos.

Feature Content:

Discounts vs Promos



Created in your POS, lives in the POS

Created in LB

Once created - imports into LB

Linked to imported discounts from your POS

Must be enabled within your POS to work with your loyalty program

Ability to create redemption limitations per promo code

Only need to create one discount per promotion/campaign

Multiple promo codes can be created for one promotion/campaign linked to a discount

Doesn’t require the addition of promo code, active when enabled

Setting Up Discounts in Lunchbox Admin Dashboard

Step 1: In the Admin Dashboard, click on the Discounts menu item to search for the discounts you have. On the Search For Discounts page, you need to click Sync with POS after you’ve published any discount in your POS.


Step 2: In the Search For Discounts section, you can search by Name, Promo Code, or POS GUID.


Step 3: If you click on the discount, you can edit the information associated with the discount. The possible edits include using the Edit Details, Location Availability, Items, and Promotions sections.

  • Set the Discount Minimum: This is the amount a guest must spend in order to redeem a promo.

  • Set the Availability: It defaults to run every day of the week. So if you have a discount that needs to be set for only Tuesday, uncheck the boxes for the other days of the week. You can set a start and end date for the discount (if you want a discount to run until the end of day Friday, the end date should be a Saturday) along with the hours of the day that it is available (i.e., a happy hour time or at night only)- see it based on your time zone.

  • Order Type Availability: Defaults to being used on all order types unless denoted otherwise by selecting only one or two on this page.

  • First Order Only: Checking this box indicates that the discount can only apply to a guest’s first order.

  • Allows for Multiple Use: Checking this box means a single guest can use this discount multiple times and you can specify the number of redemptions. (e.g., one guest can use the discount 3x total.)


Discounts for Specific Item or Menu Group

If you want to make the discount for a specific menu item (i.e., only select these items within Lunchbox and not in your POS), perform the following:

Step 1: Click Add Items, which will result in a swing-out window (from the right) appearing.


Step 2: Search for the item by using the POS GUID field and selecting the Search button when ready.


Step 3: Select the item by clicking on the box beside the item name.


Step 4: Click Add Item, which will turn blue once your selected item(s) are chosen.


NOTE: If there is a BOGO discount, include all items that are a part of the promo (i.e., fries and a drink -- include both items in the discount).

Enabling the Discount in the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard

The most common concern for Restaurant Partners is the setup of Discount Codes; the following steps show how to perform that process:

Step 1: Navigate to the Discounts option in Lunchbox Admin Dashboard.


Step 2: Make sure the Discount is marked as Active by selecting the toggle switch under the Status column.


Step 3: After clicking the desired Discount from the list provided in the prior step, make sure that the Enable Everywhere toggle is turned on for the Discount page.


Step 4: Make sure the Location Availability is turned on for all locations that will be using this Discount.


Important for Restaurants Using Lunchbox Loyalty

It is really important that for any Restaurant Partner that is using Lunchbox loyalty (e.g., sign up bonuses, birthday bonuses, credit back), you want to make sure you’re actually able to toggle the items in Discounts to allow discounts to be applied from Lunchbox in your POS.

Lunchbox Loyalty is also set up as a Discount in the POS:

  • Toast: You must toggle, under Advanced Settings, the option to combine this discount with other discounts.

  • Revel: Order Type needs to include Online Ordering.

  • Brink: Check Allow Prior Discount, Allow Later Discount, and Discounted Items Eligible.

NOTE: Failing to do this will result in guest ordering issues for any guest that has earned loyalty.

Setting Up Promotion in Lunchbox

Step 1: Navigate to Discounts in the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard.


Step 2: Select Sync With POS on the Admin Dashboard.


Step 3: Search for your discount.


Step 4: Set any additional discount settings and select Save.


Step 5: Enable the discount (toggle to turn on).


Troubleshooting Discounts

  1. Confirm you have published the discount in your POS.

  2. Don’t forget to sync with the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard.

  3. Check to ensure that the Availability settings are correct.

  4. Confirm that the Discount is enabled on both the discount and location level (this is the most commonly overlooked setting).

  5. Item-based Discounts: Make sure that you’ve targeted the correct item GUID in Lunchbox Admin Dashboard. Confirm you haven’t added items to the discount in your POS Dashboard.

Discount Best Practices

  1. Set Discount Type with your POS Dashboard.

  2. The discount that you create will also reflect within the store POS; it is important that you denote whether it is for Lunchbox use only.

  3. Update Discount Settings, Availability, Redemption Use Limits, within Lunchbox.

  4. Toast Only: If you are using Lunchbox Loyalty (sign up bonus, $ back), make sure to check the box in Toast (to allow you to combine Discounts with Loyalty).

  5. If running a BOGO, include all items as a part of the discount.

NOTE: Currently, adding BOGO items occur on an individual item basis. If you have more than two or three brands, Lunchbox suggests against a BOGO discount due to the need to add the GUID of each individual item, resulting in a very time-consuming process. If you have a complex menu or multiple IDs to add BOGO to your whole menu – Please reach out to the Lunchbox Support Team with ample notice to complete this request.

Promo Codes

Step 1: Set up a Promo Code by heading to the Discount section of the Admin Dashboard in Lunchbox.


Step 2: Select the Discount you’re looking to apply that promo toward.


Step 3: Click Create to create a promotion.


Step 4: Set up the Promo Codes.

  • Name the promotion.

  • Choose the redemption type (limited or unlimited).

    • NOTE: The redemption type is determining the total amount of redemptions that can occur, this will not determine the number of times an individual code can be redeemed.

  • Set your redemption limit.

    • NOTE: The redemption limit refers to how many times (not unique users) you would like to be able to redeem this promo code (e.g., the first 100 times that this code is used will get 5% off, in this case 100 would be the redemption limit). To make a discount limit to one time use per unique user, set the usage limit on the main discount page to 1.

  • Choose the promo code creation method.

    • Generate for me: This will create a selected amount of unique codes that can be easily exported.

    • This feature should be accompanied by a redemption limit that matches the number of codes you are trying to generate.

  • Select the Submit button to go back to the Discounts page.

Step 5: Under the Promotions section, you should now see your new promotion, its overall usage, and generated revenue.

NOTE: You can click inside of the promotion to see an individual breakdown of each code’s respective usage and generated revenue.


NOTE: DO NOT create a promo code in your POS that will be used on the Lunchbox Platform.

Promo Code & Discount Reporting

  • Reports are found within the discount (Discounts page and click into the discount/scroll down to the promo to see the usage and revenue from it) under Promotions.

  • Within Sales Reports, you can find Total Discounts redeemed per store.

  • On an order level, you can track the applied discount on an order level under the ticket summary.

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