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Single Sign-On (SSO) Overview
Single Sign-On (SSO) Overview
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Single Sign-On (or SSO) permits a user to use one set of login credentials -- for example, a name and password -- to access multiple applications. SSO can be used by enterprises, smaller organizations, and individuals to ease the management of various usernames and passwords.

Security is an extremely important topic of discussion when dealing with the efforts required in signing up or signing into an account. In an effort to make the process more efficient for users, Lunchbox has enabled the ability for a customer to use their Google or Apple account to sign in to products.

This process will allow the user to avoid managing passwords while increasing the security across services.


Single Sign-On at Lunchbox

Lunchbox has taken advantage of the security and ease of managing the sign-in process.


The sign-in process is optimized for both Existing Customers and New Customers:

  • Existing Customers: Those who log in with a Social account that has an email that is already associated with a Lunchbox account will get the benefit of having their accounts automatically link up. So, these customers will have the ability to log in via email & password, as well as with any social account that matches the same email.

  • New Customers: They will be able to leverage Single Sign-On to avoid the need for a password, as well as pre-fill their sign-up form with information from the social account they are authenticating with (first name, last name, email).


  • Social SSO

    • New Customers will still need to verify their phone number, as Lunchbox’s systems cannot circumvent this for Social SSO needs.

    • Customers can revoke SSO access by changing the settings on their respective SSO provider’s dashboard (e.g., Google security settings or Apple settings). Doing so will not allow them to use SSO on Lunchbox until they grant Lunchbox access to their profile information in the SSO dashboard. Reattaching SSO to their Lunchbox account requires a login attempt with the SSO again on any Lunchbox App or Website.

      • NOTE: It is important to know that removing SSO after signing up does not remove the Lunchbox account.

  • Apple SSO Users: If an Apple SSO user chooses to hide their email address, they will not be able to have their Apple SSO account linked with an existing Lunchbox account due to the fact that Lunchbox uses the email address to connect the account. If Apple provides a pseudo email address, Lunchbox will not be able to make the association.

    • Customers who make an account that uses SSO can still put a Lunchbox password to that account after it is created. The user can go through the email login process, or update their password while being logged in via their profile/settings page on the Website or App.

      • The customer is not tied to just using this SSO provider on a permanent basis. If the email between SSO providers is the same as the one used in Lunchbox, they can connect any or all of their SSO accounts to the same Lunchbox account.

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