Searching for a Location
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How to Search for a Location


Step 1: Start by logging in to your dashboard and selecting Location from the menu on your left.


Step 2: Depending on your role, you may have access to more than one location. You are able to search for the location you are looking for using the following filters:

  • Name: The name specified for the location

  • State: The state where the location resides

  • Active Locations: Display active locations or all locations.


Step 3: Select a particular location to reveal additional information and details about the store location:

  • POS GUID: The ID used to reference the location in the POS system.

  • SLUG: An identifier used as part of the URL for the store.

  • Address: Where the store is located.

  • Phone: The listed phone number of the store.

  • Edit Details: A section dedicated to determining details around various time settings required.

  • Location Status: A section provided to address whether a location is active or inactive.

  • ASAP Ordering Status: A section provided to address what ordering status (Dine In, Delivery, Pickup, Kiosk) is active or inactive.


Step 4: In the Location Details section, you can update whether a location accepts cash and create a new Outpost for the Location by clicking the Create Outpost button.



  • Does a location need to be synced on the dashboard?
    โ€‹Yes. For location and menu changes, they need to be synced from the Lunchbox Dashboard for changes to "go live."

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