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Scan to Pay Overview
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Scan-To-Pay refers to the action of scanning a QR code inside a Lunchbox-built mobile app with a Point of Sale (POS) system to provide payment for a check.


Feature Contents:


  • Scan to Pay is limited to Clients on Toast.

  • Toast MLM (Master Location Management) is needed.

  • Currently does not work with Marketplace clients.

  • Loyalty API and Tender API access from Toast are required.

  • It is required to have the Payment option set to Lunchbox Tender.

How to Set Up a Client

Step 1: Request Loyalty API and Tender API from Toast via email: [email protected]


Step 2: Set up Payment Option to be Lunchbox Tender by navigating to Toast > Other Payment Options.


Step 3: Ask Toast Support to set the Payment option to Lunchbox Tender Type.

NOTE: Only Toast Support can update this.


Step 4: Activate Lunchbox Tender settings on Lunchbox Admin Integrations; input True to all Tender API fields.


Getting Started

To start, two ways scan to pay can be used:

Step 1: Having a card on file in your account by way of the account settings page in the app; or


Step 2: By loading up their account with a "pre-load" balance to use in-store.


Scanning In-Store

Once a guest has added either a Preload Balance or Payment Method through their Account section, they can visit the section of the app that contains the QR code to scan and pay with the in-store restaurant staff with either the camera on the tablet or a scanner. (See below for product details)


Point of Sale Functions

Scan to Pay Payment Options - Toast

Step 1: On the Toast homepage, go to Other Payment Options under the Payments section.


Step 2: Select the Add Button and a setup page will appear; name it Lunchbox Tender. Select the Save button and Publish.

NOTE: Contact the Restaurant Partner to have its tender type set by the Toast team. Scan to Pay functionality will not work until the Toast team sets its tender type.


Using App to Scan-To-Pay In-Store

When a guest wants to use their app to Scan-To-Pay in-store (and use loyalty or get points at the same time), Staff will follow the following steps:

Step 1: Enter the guest’s entire order and select Pay (see picture below).


Step 2: Select Other and then scroll down to the bottom and select Lunchbox Tender (see picture below).


Step 3: This should prompt a window on the Toast terminal that shows the camera view. The Staff will need to flip the Toast POS terminal and have the guest scan their app QR code to pay or use a hand scanner.


NOTE: The payment flow will use a guest’s rewards first (if any), preloaded balance second (if any), and then charge the credit card last. There is no way to scan-to-pay without using rewards.

Step 4: Restaurants will need to use the Toast front-facing camera or a Toast-approved 2D QR code scanner to scan the QR codes in the guest's app.

Not Paying with App to Receive/Redeem Rewards

When guests want to receive or redeem rewards only but do not want to pay with their app, servers/cashiers can manually lookup accounts for guests to receive or redeem rewards.

Restaurant Operations

Processing Refunds / Voiding

If a transaction has settled, which typically takes 24hrs, the transaction will have the option for you to void the order.

All refunds, otherwise, must be done through Lunchbox Chat Support.


• What payment processor gets used?

Lunchmoney, which is Lunchbox's internal terminology for using Stripe (Card-not-present) payment processing

• Can I charge the guest in store pricing vs app or web pricing?

Yes. Scan to pay will be based on in store pricing as it's technically an in-store order through toast.

• What platforms can this be used on? Is this on web?

iOS & Android mobile apps are the only platforms that are enabled for using Scan-To-Pay. This is not available on the web; Scan-To-Pay is not on the roadmap to be built on the web either. Scan-To-Pay is a feature exclusive to the app.

• What POS systems are supported?

Toast is the only point of sale system that this is currently available with; at the time of writing this article, Lunchbox is the only Toast partner integrated to use the Toast Tender API. Keep in mind that LevelUp also has a feature to pay for a check through a QR code scan, but that is through a legacy API that Toast is not updating any longer.

• Can these payments be processed through Toast?

No. These are considered "card-not-present" payments and therefore, not part of the in-store payment processing transactions.

Common Scenarios

"I need to adjust a check from this morning, the customer scanned this morning but we forgot to give them a discount. I adjusted the check but it keeps asking me to scan a QR code when I click Lunchbox Tender"

We need to make sure that the guest understands that by voiding the original payment of the "Lunchbox Tender" which was applied by having the guest scan their QR code, was immediately voided when they removed it to adjust the check

"I went through the Lunchbox dashboard to refund this guest that scanned in-store for payment with the app, but there's no way to do it"

Over here the in-store operator (general manager, shift supervisor etc) needs to be reminded that all in-store scan-to-pay transactions need to be refunded or voided through the Toast dashboard, not Lunchbox

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