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Catering Overview 1.0
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The Catering product at Lunchbox was built to give restaurants the ability to own their digital catering traffic and customer relationships. Much like online ordering for a single meal, catering orders can come from third-party marketplaces that can take hefty fees.

  • Flexible Fulfillment: Bring flexibility to your system by choosing between auto-accepting or manual approval of all orders. Fitting into your department's workflow.

  • Specific Menus + Order Minimums: Create menus that are designed for the catering experience that lives on its own platform, and easily set order minimums across any order placed.


To start, guests will need to visit the Restaurant Partner's native catering ordering, powered by Lunchbox.

Guests will need to select their time and date and dining option (pick up or delivery) prior to entering the menu page.

NOTE: A slight difference from other web ordering experiences powered by Lunchbox, there is a contact button on the top right so guests can reach catering manager's at our restaurant partner's HQ.


Step 1: Now that the guest has entered their dining option, location of fulfillment, and time/date they can begin selecting the items from the catering menu.

NOTE: The catering menu will be the same for all restaurant locations.


Step 2: Similar to other web ordering experiences, all modifier selection requirements are pulled directly from the point of sale system. Not all modifier section user interfaces by Lunchbox include pictures, this one as you can see does not.


Step 3: Once a guest has added all the items they need, the guest checkout experience can begin. This checkout experience will collect information different from what a guest might be used to on other web ordering experiences from Lunchbox. Guests will need to provide company name, the name for the order, phone number for the order, a tax-exempt ID (if they are a 501c organization), along with notes and a count for guests or need for utensils.


Step 4: When the 'place order' button is clicked it will not send the order to the point of sale system immediately but list a request with all the information inside the Lunchbox Dashboard under the catering section.


  • Fully customized design to match the brand's typography, iconography, and color scheme.

  • Provides a 1st party Catering ordering platform for the brand.

  • Single sign-on (SSO) for guest accounts.

  • Mobile, Tablet, and Computer friendly design.

  • Restaurant Partners can set up multiple delivery zones with different delivery fees.

  • Employees can place orders for guests via the catering ordering site.

  • Ability to have full control of catering order management from the Admin Dashboard.


  • Gift Cards cannot be used on Catering sites.

  • Brands cannot update the look/design of the Catering ordering platform to include specific marketing.

  • Guests cannot earn loyalty with catering orders.

  • There is no expiration of pending catering orders.

  • Guests cannot pay with Apple or Google Pay on the Catering order site.

  • If a guest wants to update their order, the Restaurant Partner cannot update the order and instead has to place the order again manually.

  • Upsells are not available for the Catering Checkout process.

  • Packing instructions are limited to just packing utensils (yes/no) and/or eating utensils (yes/no).

  • Holiday hours do not apply to the catering order site.

  • Multiple Service charges based on distance is not functioning consistently; different delivery radii need to be drawn for service charge needs.

  • Service Charges by Price is not functioning consistently

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