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What's inside Discount Details?
What's inside Discount Details?
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General Information


You've found yourself on the Discount Details page, whether it be through searching for the discount, or any of the other methods.

For information on how to set up Discounts on your POS, check out the following articles:

NOTE: If you've got Discounts set up appropriately on your appropriate POS for Lunchbox (especially item-based discounts), then feel free to proceed.


Either way, you're looking at a discount's details. Let's start off by breaking down the page from the top:

  • The name of the discount is displayed at the top of the page.

  • On the right side of the page, in line with the name, you'll see a button to toggle the Availability of the Discount. Marking a Discount as Available will turn it on for use by guests, and marking it Unavailable will turn it off for use by guests.

  • External Id: The ID of the Discount as it is in the POS system.

  • Type: Discounts are either Fixed or Percent based.

    • Fixed means that the discount is for a specific value (i.e., $5).

    • Percent means that the discount is based on discounting a percentage of an item or a check (i.e., 10%).

  • Amount: If the Discount is Fixed, then Amount will specify how much of the item or check can be discounted (i.e., $5).

  • Percentage: If the Discount is Percent based, then Percentage will specify what percentage of the item or check will be discounted (i.e., 10%).

  • Selection Type: Specifies whether the Discount is Item-based (i.e., discounts the value of an item) or Check-based (i.e., discounts the value of a guest's check).

High-Level Discount Information

You'll find the ability to edit the following high-level items concerning a discount:

  • Codes: Set codes that guests can use to redeem this discount (i.e., BURGER, FREEFRIES, 10PERCENT, etc.).

  • Allows for Multiple Use: By default, discounts can be used multiple times. Unless you enable "allows for multiple use" and set the counter to your desired amount.

You'll also notice that you have the ability to mark Discount available/unavailable by specific locations. There is a list of all locations that the Discount is possible to be configured for (based on what Locations that the Discount is enabled for on the POS). Next to the name of each Location, there is a toggle switch to turn on and off availability for the Discount for that Location.

Item-based Discounts

Finally, for Item-based Discounts, you possess the ability to select what items to associate with a Discount. Multiple items can be selected, so that way you can create a Discount like "Free Burger" and select all the burgers that are applicable with the Discount.

Start off by selecting the Add Items button at the top of the list. You'll notice that you can search for items by:

  • Name: The name of the item you are looking for.

  • POS GUID: The GUID of the item you are looking for, as it is in the POS system.

Perform a search for the item with the criteria you've provided by selecting the Search button located below the Name and POS GUID fields.

The list of items will update, and you can check off which items you'd like to add to the Discount. Finalize your changes by clicking the Add Items button, located at the top right of the list.

This will add those items to this Item-based Discount, and save your changes immediately.

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