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Viewing and Updating your Admin Profile
Viewing and Updating your Admin Profile
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Viewing and Updating Admin Profile


The Lunchbox Admin Dashboard allows you to view and update your Admin Profile at any time.

Admin Profile Update

Step 1: When managing your profile, start by logging in to the Admin Dashboard and selecting Profile from the menu pane on the left.


Step 2: This will load up a page labeled My Profile. You will be able to see the Details section for the following fields: ID, Role, First Name, and Last Name. Select the Save button to confirm changes.


Admin Profile Password Reset

Step 1: While in the My Profile page (navigate to Profile in the Admin Dashboard menu pane), the Reset Password section is where you can update the password used to log into your Admin Dashboard Account. Enter your new password, re-enter the exact password, and select the Save button to update your password.

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