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Customer Advisory Board FAQ
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Lunchbox Customer Advisory Board FAQ

As announced during the 2021 Q4 Summit, we are launching a Lunchbox Customer Advisory Board, to honor our commitment to keeping our customer experience at the center of everything we do.

What is the purpose of the Lunchbox Customer Advisory Board?

  • Our goal is to engage our Restaurant Partners in more frequent conversations about the emerging trends and challenges that shape your businesses.

  • Your participation will help us evolve our Product Roadmap, refine our value proposition, and uncover pain points that we can work to address together.

  • As a complement to our quarterly summits, Customer Advisory Board (CAB) events will trade one-way presentations for interactive breakout sessions. Will there be flame throwers? No way; we’ve already done that. But we’ll definitely make our interactions fun, productive, and worth your time.

What kind of time commitment can I expect?

  • We’ll plan to schedule an “all hands” Customer Advisory Board virtual event about three times per year.

    • These events will last approximately 2-3 hours, with ample time for breaks and organized fun.

    • In addition, we may invite you (or members of your team) to participate in voluntary, ad-hoc ideation sessions, prototype reviews, and surveys throughout the year.

What’s in it for me?

  • Participation in the Customer Advisory Board is an opportunity for you to work closely with the Lunchbox leadership and Product teams to influence our priorities and drive the direction of our strategic roadmap. In addition, you’ll be able to network with your peers and align on common needs to drive value through our solutions.

If you would like to join our Customer Advisory Board, please reach out to your CSM. We’d love to have you!

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