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DoorDash Drive Client Setup for Standard Order Delivery
DoorDash Drive Client Setup for Standard Order Delivery
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The following steps are for clients that are using DoorDash Drive as their 3rd party delivery partner. They will need these steps to properly fill out the DoorDash Drive Setup Form. Once they fill out this form, we have what we need to integrate Lunchbox with DoorDash Drive for delivery.

Standard Orders = Small Order Fulfillment (SOF)

Setup Process:

NOTE: If you have a DoorDash Representative, reach out to them in order to sign up for DoorDash Drive through Lunchbox. If you do not have a DoorDash Representative, continue through the setup process.

Using your own DoorDash Drive Partnership

Step 1: Any new client using DoorDash Drive as a delivery partner will need to fill out this form (even if they are currently using DoorDash Drive separately from Lunchbox) to integrate Doordash Drive with Lunchbox. If you don't already have an account, you will need to create one

Step 2: In the form, enter the Business Information, Accounting Contact, and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Once you've filled out the form properly, click Submit:


Step 3: Once the form is submitted, DoorDash Drive will begin setting up your account, Lunchbox will be able to see the location appear on the submitted forms, and will then be able to start the integration process. This takes about ten (10) minutes and is automated to be done around the clock.

NOTE: A Lunchbox Test Order must be sent through with delivery configured in Lunchbox Admin before DoorDash can create the location in the DoorDash Portal. Otherwise, they will be unable to perform actions (i.e., canceling orders, canceling delivery driver, etc.) until the Test Order is sent through.


Step 5: After completion of your DoorDash Setup form, the Lunchbox Team able to complete the Lunchbox X Drive setup. Before a test order is sent, the Lunchbox Configurations Team will send an alert through their Postman platform to confirm that integration with DoorDash Drive is complete.

Step 6: With the Lunchbox X Drive partnership in place, your delivery radius is initially set at five (5) miles; it is important to note that the delivery radius may be less than five (5) miles depending on the population density of the city.

NOTE: The Lunchbox Configurations Team will determine and set your delivery radius in the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard under the following settings (Locations > Select the Location > Delivery Radius). If you need to decrease or adjust the delivery radius covered, contact your CSM for assistance.


Step 7: It is important for a client to ensure that they add a service fee to their POS (Reference the "How to Create a Service Charge" help page from Toast, or the "Service Fee Guide" help page from Revel). Once this has been set up, notify your CSM of the delivery fee's name.

Step 8: DoorDash Drive will automatically configure a delivery radius for each restaurant based on the location; this delivery radius is needed by Lunchbox as well.

NOTE: The DoorDash representative should always provide the delivery radius to the Restaurant Partner.


  • How long does it take for Doordash to set up the account (SLA to ping endpoints)?
    ​It takes about 10 minutes for each form submitted.

  • If the client already has Doordash or Doordash Drive already, do they still need to fill out the contact form?
    ​Yes. Lunchbox needs this information to be submitted for integration purposes. Important! The restaurant will also need to cancel their existing Doordash Drive service with their current account manager.

  • What is the standard delivery radius for Doordash Drive:
    ​Around 3-5 miles depending on location (NYC is less due to density).

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