Sales Reports
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Sales Report Feature


The Sales Reports page is a productive tool that is used to track the accounting side of your business (Only sales made using Lunchbox Platform).


Opening a Sales Report and Using the Calendar

When you open a Sales Report, the data is up to time, give or take about one (1) minute. You can reopen or refresh the report to display new data.

The sales can be broken down into three (3) categories:

  • Standard: An everyday order that is made by customers.

  • Catering: Orders placed on the catering platform.

  • Combined: Standard and catering orders, joined.

Next to this toggle is a very efficient calendar. You can search through sales data from years ago, from weeks ago, or a particular day. There is an option to perform a search even on a custom range.


Exporting Sales Reports

Last but not least, we have the EXPORT CSV button. All of your data can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet; an amazing feature to transfer data to stay organized.

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