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App Ordering Overview (1.0)
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The Lunchbox App Ordering platform is a completely branded online ordering experience for our restaurant partners that lives as an application through IOS or Android so their customers can order directly from their mobile devices:



  • Lunchbox takes all of the brand guidelines and builds a beautiful app for their guests to download, use for ease of ordering, build loyalty and deliver marketing updates (using the Culture Hub) right from the power of their mobile device.

  • The Home Page on the brand's app can host a carousel of images or marketing updates.

  • From there, the guest can order following the same flow as the web ordering but optimized for iOS or Android.

  • The guest can gain and Redeem Loyalty and use the app to Scan To Pay (if the brand allows) in-store for pickup orders.

  • The guest can track the status of their orders easily and add payment methods for easy checkout.

Many exciting things can be done by utilizing App Ordering by Lunchbox.


  • Fully customized design to match the brand's typography, iconography, and color scheme.

  • Provides a 1st party ordering platform for the brand.

  • Single sign-on (SSO) for guest accounts.

  • Mobile Solution.

  • Increased Marketing Opportunities (Marketing Carousel & Content Hub).

  • Guests can purchase digital gift cards via the mobile app.

  • View and manage loyalty/rewards.

  • Scan-to-Pay or Scan-for-Rewards are available via QR Code on the mobile app.

  • Push notifications can be sent to guests with the mobile app.


  • Not available for dine-in orders and/or Pocket Kiosk functionality

  • Apple Pay only works on iOS devices for the mobile app and Google Pay only works on Andriod devices for the mobile app

  • Regarding Split Hours, we can only set one range of operating hours per location, per day.

  • Regarding Dining Hours (with Order Ahead), due to the way Dining Hours functions, the use of ordering ahead allows for items to be ordered from a time when the items may not be available.

  • Combo Discounts are a type of discount on POS that Lunchbox cannot currently perform.

  • Auto-apply Discounts are a type of discount on POS that Lunchbox cannot currently perform.

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