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LB 1.0 Look Up Patron's Loyalty Activity
LB 1.0 Look Up Patron's Loyalty Activity
Updated over a week ago


  • On the Guest page of the Admin Dashboard, a Restaurant Partner can look up a patron's loyalty account to review their loyalty activity, including their progress towards the next award and/or tier.

  • The following information is available:

    • Orders section:

      • Available Loyalty: The amount of credit that is available to the patron for use towards future orders.

      • Loyalty Progress: The number of loyalty points the patron holds on their account.

    • Loyalty History section:

      • View History:

        • Wallet: View a list of awards redeemed and stored in the patron's wallet.

        • Tier: View a log of loyalty point earnings & redemptions.

      • Highest Tier Achieved: The highest tier achieved by the patron.

      • Tier Progress: The patron's progress towards the next tier.

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