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Canceling DoorDash Drive Orders
Canceling DoorDash Drive Orders
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DoorDash Drive is a Delivery Service Provider (DSP) that can be integrated as a third-party delivery service.

Setup Process

Step 1: Navigate to the Search for Orders tab on the Admin Dashboard.


Step 2: Search for the specific order that needs to be canceled by utilizing the available filters (e.g., Customer First Name, Last Name, Email, or Order Number).


NOTE: The Order Number will match the assigned number on Point of Sale.

โ€‹Step 3:
Once the order has been found and selected on the Admin Dashboard, locate the Tracking ID.


Step 4: Navigate to the Doordash Support Website and select the Customer Chat option.


Step 5: After selecting the Chat option, fill out the necessary details as shown below.


Step 6: Provide the Doordash Customer Support agent the Tracking ID for the Order. Wait for cancellation confirmation from the Support agent before informing the Customer of the status.


  • What if Doordash customer support live chat has a long queue or is not available?

    • If Doordash customer support is not available, coordinate with the restaurant and Doordash service rep to cancel the order.

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