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[Engage] Targeted Push Notifications
[Engage] Targeted Push Notifications
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Push notifications can be a powerful tool for Restaurant Partners to engage with patrons. They can be used to share information about new item launches, new promotions, or new location openings.

Since last year, Lunchbox has offered the ability to send Restaurant-Group-level push notifications to all guests that are logged into the restaurant’s app. With this update, Lunchbox is introducing the ability for Restaurant Partners to send push notifications that are targeted at a specific audience, created with the Audience Segmentation feature.

The enhancement allows Restaurant Partners to explore new use cases for push notifications and increase the effectiveness of each message by optimizing the content for the intended audience.


Feature Availability

  • This feature is available on the New Admin Dashboard only

Creating a New Push Notification

  • To send a new push notification, a Restaurant Partner must first create an audience

  • Each push notification may only be sent to one audience at a time

  • Push notification must be no longer than 178 characters

Receiving Test Push Notifications

  • To receive a test push notification, you must be logged into the restaurant’s app using the same e-mail as your Lunchbox Admin Dashboard account

Send Immediately

  • Push notifications that are created with the "Send Immediately" option will be sent 1 minute after the "Publish" button is clicked

Scheduled Push Notifications

  • Scheduled push notification uses the same time zone as the computer that you are logged into

    • In other words, if your computer’s clock shows the current time as 1 PM, a push notification scheduled at 4 PM will be sent 3 hours from now

Restaurant Experience

Getting Started

  • On the Redesigned Admin Dashboard, navigate to the “Engage” section

  • On the left-hand menu bar, click on the Push Notificationsbutton


Creating A Push Notification

  • Click on the yellow “New Push Notifications” button

  • Give the push notification a campaign name

    • To minimize confusion, it is recommended that restaurant partners use a campaign name that concisely summarizes the specific promotion/campaign/date the push notification is related to.

  • Click in the “Audience” field and select the audience you want to send the push notification to.

    • Choose one of the audiences in the dropdown menu

    • Alternatively, begin typing the desired audience name into the box to auto-populate the drop-down with audiences that relate to that search term

  • Add a notification title

  • Add notification content. Be aware of the 178 character limit for push notification content.


Saving a Draft Push Notification

  • To save the campaign information as a draft, click on the “Save Draft” button

  • The drafts can be accessed in the “Drafts” section of the Push Notifications page

  • To edit or delete a draft push notification, click on the “Actions” button and click on the desired option


Sending a Test Push Notification

  • To send a test push notification, click on the “Send Push Notification” button

  • To send a test push notification, you must be logged into the restaurant’s app with the same email as your Lunchbox Admin Dashboard account

    • If you are logged into the correct account, the button will turn yellow

NOTE: If you're experiencing issues with test push notifications not being sent to your phone, please follow the steps below to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Confirm Email Address: ensure that you are logged into the restaurant's mobile app using the same email address associated with your Lunchbox admin dashboard account.

  • Check Notification Settings: verify that the notification settings on your mobile device are turned on for the app. This allows the app to send notifications to your device.

  • Uninstall and Reinstall the App: if the above steps are confirmed and the issue persists, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your mobile device. This can resolve issues related to outdated app versions or corrupted app data.

Contact Support: if you have completed all the above steps and are still not receiving test push notifications, please contact support for further assistance.

Sending a Push Notification

Send Immediately

  • To send the push notification ASAP, click on the “Send Immediately” button in the “Schedule Push Notification” section

  • Click on the “Publish” button

  • The push notification will be sent 1 minute later

Schedule For Later

  • To send the push notification at a specific time on a specific date, click on the “Schedule For Later” button in the “Schedule Push Notification” section

  • Specify the desired time and date. The “Timezone” field shows in which timezone the push notification is being scheduled.

NOTE: The timezone for the notification is determined by the time zone settings of the computer or device you are using. It cannot be modified on the Admin Dashboard.

  • Click on the “Schedule” button

  • Scheduled push notifications that have not yet been sent can be found in the “Scheduled” section of the Push Notifications page

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