Changing your Menu Info
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When looking to change your menu information start by selecting “Menu Entities” from the menu on the left.


This will drop down 4 links labeled as “Menus,” “Groups,” “items,” and “Options”. Click on “Menus” which will take you to a new page labeled “Search for menus.”

You'll notice that located at the top of the page there are additional filter available for you to search for specific item, such as

  • Name: What the menu/item is labeled under

  • Pos GUID: The GUID of the item you are looking for, as it is in the POS system

  • Item Per Page: the amount of items you want to you per page

You'll also notice that located at the bottom of the page, there is a column labeled:

  • Name: What the menu is labeled under

  • Availability: Status of the menu being used or obtained

  • GUID: The GUID of the item you are looking for, as it is in the POS system

To change your menu info, click on the menu that is being used and then click on the item you would like to make the change. Let's use burgers as an example.


Start by clicking on the item labeled "burgers". once you click "burgers," item groups under this item will appear below "Edit Details." Let's use "American" as an example.


Once you clicked "American," the name of the item will appear and below will be the "Edit Details" where you can make changes to your existing menu.

  • Priority: Specifies in what order an item should be displayed

  • Description: Written representation of the item

  • POS Guide

  • POS Visibility

  • Dietary Restriction

  • Calories

You can change any of the information listed below to make adjustment to your existing menu. After doing so, press save to make the changes you made permanent.

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