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Open API Overview
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OPEN API by Lunchbox

Unified. Streamlined. Effortless.

The modern restaurant craves the capability to evaluate and launch new technologies across their locations swiftly. The need to depart from the constraints of one-off integrations and continue to push innovation requires the flexibility to stay nimble, adapt to the changing technological landscape, and enable connectivity.

Introducing OPEN API, a connectivity platform by Lunchbox that seamlessly links your restaurant's tech stack to our expansive ecosystem of technologies, allowing Entperise restaurants to layer in 3rd party and peripheral solutions on top of existing technology, further enhancing the guest experience and driving operational efficiency. We’ve transformed the disconnected tech stack into a unified and streamlined ecosystem where restaurants have the power to choose and deploy technology based on their needs.

Key Benefits

  1. Single Integration Point:

Forget the headaches of multiple integrations. With OPEN API, integrate once, and gain access to the entire Lunchbox ecosystem. As we expand our platform, you automatically benefit from our new features and integrations, with no extra work required. Don’t see the integration you need? We’ll build it for you.

  1. Robust Functionality:

From retrieving location and menu data to managing guest accounts and injecting orders directly into your POS system, OPEN API streamlines your operations. You focus on creating memorable dining experiences while we handle the technology.

  1. No More Breaking Changes:

Worried about your integrations going haywire with updates? Lunchbox minimizes breaking changes and provides ample notice when they're unavoidable, ensuring your systems continue to run smoothly.

OPEN API Caters To A Variety Of Use Cases:

Online Ordering: Build custom online ordering and mobile experiences for your customers. OPEN API lets you manage guest accounts, place orders directly to the POS system, and process payments efficiently.

Last-Mile Delivery: Streamline your delivery orders with OPEN API. Use custom webhooks to share order details with your delivery partners.

Menu Consumption: Present your menu in a read-only format for digital menu boards or other displays.

Physical Kiosks & 3rd Party Marketplaces: Use OPEN API to enhance the guest experience, whether at physical kiosks or on 3rd party marketplaces.

Inventory Management & CRM: OPEN API integrates seamlessly with systems like clearcogs and customerio to manage inventory and customer relationships effectively.

With OPEN API, Lunchbox aims to redefine restaurant technology integration, striking the perfect balance between sophistication and simplicity. Say goodbye to the juggling act of managing disparate technologies and say hello to the future of enterprise restaurant technology. Welcome to a world of seamless integration, optimized operations, and improved customer experiences.

OPEN API by Lunchbox: Unleashing the Power of Technology in Restaurants

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