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Menu Priority
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Feature Description


Priority specifies what order a Menu, Group, Subgroup, Item, or Modifier should be displayed. The higher the assigned number, the higher on the list it will appear on the App and Web experience (e.g., An item with a priority of 100 will automatically sort itself before an item with an assigned priority of 50). This feature allows the defaulted sorted order of Menu Entities to be rearranged on the App or Web.

Setup Process

Step 1: Navigate to the Menu, Group, Subgroup, Item, or Modifier on the Admin Dashboard that needs to be rearranged.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Priority section.


Step 3: Enter the desired Priority number assignment.

NOTE: The highest number will automatically sort itself before an item with a lesser assigned number. This number is also required to be a whole number integer.

Step 4: Select the Save button (towards the bottom of the screen).


Step 5: Repeat this process for all other Menus, Groups, Subgroups, Items, or Modifiers as needed in order to slot every entity a place within the sorting order.

Guest Experience

On the App or Web experience, the guest will see the assigned Priority reflected in the sorting order. (e.g., The Burger Items shown below each have a Priority number assigned on the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard). The Be My Burger Item’s configured Priority of 100 is overriding the lesser assigned priorities and therefore, is displaying at the very start of the Burgers & Sandwiches listing.


NOTE: Best practice is to leave a gap between the assigned numbers (e.g., an increment of 10 between each Item’s Priority as shown above) to ensure quick adjustments can be made should a new Item need to be slotted into the lineup.


  • I updated Priority on my Items, but they’re not reflecting on the App or Website.
    Refresh your App or Web to see the new sorting ordering.

  • I added Priority to my Items but they seem to be in backward order on the App and Web.
    Double-check to confirm that the Items are assigned from highest to lowest priority. It’s a common mix-up to assign numbers from lowest to highest, however, it is the reverse!

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