DoorDash Drive Overview
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DoorDash Drive is a fulfillment product from DoorDash that allows businesses to deliver orders that originated outside the DoorDash marketplace. DoorDash Drive handles the delivery of large orders (e.g., Catering orders) and some Lunchbox clients use this service as their third-party delivery partner.



You can learn more about DoorDash Drive at this link. There are three basic steps to how the DoorDash Drive product works:

  1. Sign Up for Drive: Provide the DoorDash Drive Team with basic info about your business and delivery needs by signing up at this link

  2. Get a Custom Recommendation: The DoorDash Drive Team assesses your delivery needs in detail and provides recommendations on the best plan for you

  3. Offer On-Demand Delivery: The DoorDash Drive product can then be used to fulfill delivery orders utilizing their integrated technology solutions and vast network of drivers


Drive Portal

What is it? - The DoorDash Drive Portal is a Delivery Management dashboard that allows you to monitor active delivery orders. In this portal, you will be able to track Dashers on a live map, see time estimates for deliveries, reschedule or cancel deliveries. The portal also allows you to see order history and canceled orders.

If a Restaurant Partner is signed up to have DoorDash Drive deliver their Lunchbox orders, those orders will feed into the Drive Portal for dasher assignment and delivery.

How do I access it? - After completing DoorDash Drive Client Setup (a dedicated document to help in filling out the DoorDash Drive Setup) for Lunchbox delivery orders, you will be provided login access to your DoorDash Drive Portal.


DoorDash Drive provides customizable service to national chains with hundreds of locations and a centralized process, to single-location family-owned restaurants, businesses around the country. The following benefits are gained by taking advantage of the DoorDash Drive product:

  • On-Demand Delivery: You can request a driver any time, track your orders, streamline your delivery costs, and drive incremental sales through the convenience of DoorDash Drive

  • Global Coverage: Delivery orders can be fulfilled with 200,000+ on-demand drivers across 800+ cities in the U.S and Canada, which covers a broad service area

  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate with your existing Point of Sales (POS) technologies, such as Square, Toast, Olo, Bringg, and more

Best Practices

When using the DoorDash Drive product, these are some important best practices to follow:

  • Designate and clearly mark the pick-up location

  • Clear in-store signage directing Dashers to the pickup location

  • Ensure that orders are ready by the quoted pickup time

  • Ensure that the staff is knowledgeable about delivery product & procedures

  • Ensure that Support Guidelines are posted in a highly visible area in Back Of House (BOH) & Front Of House (FOH)

  • Dasher Instructions: Provide special instructions to Dashers on a live delivery

  • Label orders with the customer's name


  • Lunchbox can't track the drivers using the Tracking ID that is shown on the Admin Dashboard Order page.


  • Is access to the Doordash Drive Portal provided or is there a specific contact?

    • The client needs to request access to the portal through us; access to the portal is not set up automatically.

  • Can drivers be tracked without the use of the Doordash Drive Portal?

    • No. If an order is completed through Lunchbox, a Tracking ID is generated which implies that a driver has been dispatched.

  • Is there a flat fee cost per delivery order?

    • A flat rate per order is negotiated between the Restaurant Partner and Doordash Drive.

  • How long does it take for Doordash to set up the account (SLA to ping endpoints)?

    • It takes about 10 minutes for each form submitted.

  • If the client already has Doordash or Doordash Drive already, do they still need to fill out the contact form?

    • Yes. Lunchbox needs this information to be submitted for integration purposes. Important! The restaurant will also need to cancel their existing Doordash Drive service with their current account manager.

  • What is the standard delivery radius for Doordash Drive:

    • Around 3-5 miles depending on location (NYC is less due to density).


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