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Refunding Guests in Lunchbox 1.0
Refunding Guests in Lunchbox 1.0
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Feature Description


A Refund refers to the return of funds, typically to a Guest who is not satisfied with the goods or services bought. In this feature, Refunds can be made in a partial or full amounts, and Lunchbox automatically calculates how much should be refunded in Loyalty and how much should be refunded back to the Guest’s credit card.

Processing Refunds in Lunchbox

The first thing to note is that refunds do not sync back to your POS to update totals. You will have to process the refund in both the Lunchbox 1.0 Dashboard as well as your POS to ensure that reporting matches up and checks are closed out properly on both ends.

For the guest to be properly refunded, it must be performed in the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard because that is where the payment is processed. It doesn't matter where the refund is performed first, as long as it is processed in Lunchbox for the guest to receive their refund.

Here are the steps for how you can process a Refund in the Lunchbox Dashboard

Navigation Process

Step 1: In the Search for Orders page (located in the menu pane), click on any item in the order list after filtering the provided criteria.


Step 2: Here you will be able to search for the order you are looking for based on the order number, name, email, or phone number:


NOTE: By default, the Status and Order Type fields are set to All, but can be filtered using the dropdown list function. The Order Number will also match whatever the assigned number is within the POS.

Step 3: After selecting the Filter button, the page will give all the information based on the criteria provided.


Step 4: Select the line item with the order needed. This will lead to the Order Details page that will give all the information of the order such as the Check #, Transaction Status, Ticket Summary, Items Purchased, etc.


Step 5: Scroll down and select the Refund button, located in the Ticket Summary section.


Step 6: The Payment Summary section will appear, which is a form that is used to submit a refund for an order.


Refunds can be made partially or in full; Lunchbox automatically calculates how much should be refunded in Loyalty and how much should be refunded back to the guest's card. Loyalty is always refunded in full before refunding money back to the guest's card.

  • Refundable Amount: Amount that would be refunded back to the guest's card

  • Refundable Gift Card: Amount that would be refunded back to their profile's gift card total

  • Refundable Loyalty: Amount of loyalty that would be refunded back to the guest's account.

Step 7: Submit a refund by inputting the refund amount in the Total Refund Amount field and selecting the Process Refund button.


Step 8: Select the Refund button and confirm to complete the process.

NOTE: Any applied Loyalty credits will automatically be refunded to the Guest first.


Step 9: Confirm the refund by pressing “Yes” and the refund will show in red under the Sales Summary. To check if the Refund was successful, the Total Amount Refunded will be reflected on the page. This will show the Loyalty Refunded and the Payment Refunded.


NOTE: The guest will automatically receive an email alerting them that their order has been refunded:


Best Practices

  • To ensure that your refund is reported in the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard and your POS system, it is important to use the same ticket number to locate, re-open, and process the refund for the guest in your POS system as well.

  • After the refund has been processed, an email will be automatically sent to the customer to show them the refund. When you follow up in conversations with the customer, take a screenshot of the order and highlight the refunded amount and send it to the guest. This is a great show of customer service, which provides added confidence to the guest that you are communicating with.


  • When do we get the full refund and partial refund?
    This depends on the Guest's specific request. The amount requested for the Refund must not be greater than the total amount available on the check.

  • Who processes the refund? Is it the Restaurant or Lunchbox?
    Depending on the Restaurant operator's permissions, they should have the capability to grant a refund to the Guest from the Admin Dashboard.

  • Does the refund for the guest process in the POS or the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard
    Lunchbox is your payment processor, so [while the refund should be performed in the POS for reporting purposes] the guest will be refunded financially (3-5 business days) through Lunchbox.

Guest Experience

  1. The guest has an issue with an order and the restaurant decides to refund partially or entirely.

  2. The guest receives an email as soon as the refund is executed in the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard

  3. The guest will see their refunded amount in 5-7 business days.

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