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DeliverThat Overview
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DeliverThat Overview

DeliverThat is a national last-mile delivery service with a philosophy of being a company for drivers made by drivers. DeliverThat offers on-demand delivery services for restaurants in the food catering industry.



  • Trim Overhead Expenses - Flat fee pricing to allow restaurants to grow profits and reduce delivery fees.

  • Increase Productivity - The burden of catering is lifted from the restaurant, improving its productivity.

  • Partnership Advantages - DeliverThat assists with all from planning to scheduling.

Best Practices

The following are best practices for a Catering Manager, Store Manager, Owner, or Operator of catering delivery:

  • Always fill out the required fields on the Submission Form completely.

    • What: It is suggested to realize the importance of each required field on the submission form, set a time each day to submit any deliveries you may have received, and understand what can happen when these areas are left blank or filled out incorrectly.

    • Why: This ensures that deliveries are not delayed and are being submitted to DeliverThat in advance, which helps the dispatch team to route and assign deliveries effectively. This also helps ensure the accuracy of the submission, and faster confirmation response times from DeliverThat.

  • Ensure that deliveries are submitted to DeliverThat with accurate information.

    • What: Review the Email Confirmation details. With every submission, the submitter will receive an email with an order number; this is a receipt. The information provided in the email will directly reflect the submission, so this is an easy way to double-check any and all submissions for accuracy. To stay organized, it is good practice to create an email folder to house these “receipts.”

    • Why: This gives restaurant partners an easy way to revisit active deliveries and check for accuracy.

Sending Data

The following is data that is being sent to the delivery service:

  • Name of the Restaurant / Suite

    • Time zone of the restaurant (order pickup location)

    • Phone number (secondary phone number)

    • Pickup latitude

    • Pickup longitude

    • Pickup time

  • Drop-Off Address

    • Building type (commercial, residential, etc.)

    • Metro area for delivery

    • Distance

    • Drop off latitude

    • Drop off longitude

    • Date for delivery order

    • Scheduled/ expected Delivery time

    • Drop off time

    • Drive time

  • Customer's Name

    • Customer's phone number

    • Order ID

    • Order cost

    • Special delivery instruction

  • Submitter Email (Lunchbox or Restaurant Email)

    • Reason for rejection?

  • Contract

  • Lunchbox Team ID


What can I do if I submit incorrect delivery information or need to make a change to an order?

  • Contact the DeliverThat Dispatch Team at 833-781-7880. The dispatch team will happily make any changes to orders as requested.

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