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Payouts are the transfer of funds to a bank account in the form of a deposit. Payouts are processed using UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

Finding Payouts in the Admin Dashboard

Admins would use the Payouts feature for all transactions that come through Lunchbox.

Step 1: In the Admin Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Payments.


(for Admins using the New Admin Dashboard, navigate to Settings


then Payments:


Step 2: For the current brand, the Lunchbox Payments page will open and list all available locations for the selected brand. Select the location that you need to review the transactional information for. Alternatively, you can use the Locations filter to easily find the desired location.


Step 3: The location page will open and display useful information on the selected location's financials. The bottom-left section lists the Payouts section that can be analyzed; select the desired payout line item to see the detailed information on it.

NOTE: The Export button, within the Payouts section, can be used to export processed refunds into a spreadsheet format.


Step 4: The Payout page for the location appears and lists the sections for:

  • Overview: Provides transaction details (i.e., Date Paid, Description, Delivery Method, Amount).

  • Account Details: Provides ID information on the payment as well as what type of method was used to pay.

  • Related Transactions (if any exist): See Transactions Export on the main Payouts page (see the previous step).

The Export button can be used to export data into a spreadsheet format.


Disputes and Refunds

After navigating to Settings > Payments in the Admin Dashboard, there are two buttons that allow you to utilize Disputes (a disagreement post-purchase) or Refunds (requires no action; outlines an already processed refund by the restaurant partner or Lunchbox Support) on the Lunchbox Payments page.

NOTE: Selecting either the Disputes or Refunds button from this page will provide options for the entire brand, respectively.



Step 1: Selecting the Disputes button will display all line items currently in a state requiring review from a restaurant partner. You can easily search for disputes by using the filter by Status or Dispute Date. Also, you can always use the Export button to pull all of the data into a spreadsheet. Selecting one of the line items will provide additional detail on the dispute.


Step 2: Once the desired line item is selected, specific information on the dispute itself is listed, including information on the Dispute Details, Customer Details, Product or Service Details, Refund Information, and the ability to add notes in the Other field.


Step 3: At the bottom of the screen, there is the ability to Upload Files to aid with the dispute, as well as the ability to Save the information for later or Close Dispute.



Step 1: Selecting the Refunds button will display all orders that have been processed for a refund along with the amount refunded and who it was issued by. You can easily search for refunds by using the filter by information on the guest's name, email, phone, ID, or type. Also, you can always use the Export CSV button to pull all of the data into a spreadsheet. Selecting one of the line items will provide additional detail on the refund.


Step 2: Once the desired line item is selected, the Refund Details window appears from the right, displaying specific information on the refund itself is listed, including information on the General Info, Issuer Info, and Patron Info.



What is UTC?

  • UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is the means by which the world standardizes time, allowing for the world to create and define time zones.

    • Eastern Standard Time converts to -05:00 UTC during Standard Time (12 am EST is 5 am UTC) or -04:00 UTC during Daylight Savings (12 am EST is 4 am UTC).

    • Central Standard Time converts to -06:00 UTC (12 am CST is 6 am UTC).

    • Mountain Standard Time converts to -07:00 UTC (12 am MST is 7 am UTC).

    • Pacific Standard Time converts to -08:00 UTC (12 am PST is 8 am UTC).

What is the payout schedule and what days do they happen?

  • Payouts usually occur every 1-2 business days. The cutoff period per payout is always 00:00 UTC. This 2-day window excludes weekends and holidays.

    • An example of how payouts happen would be as follows:

      • The customer places a $200 order at a restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts at 8:30 pm EST on Tuesday night (which is 1:30 am EST / -05:00 UTC during Standard Time or 12:30 am EST / -04:00 UTC during Daylight Time).

      • Since those times convert to Wednesday, according to UTC, the placed order will not be included in Tuesday's payout.

  • Additional information: Stripe Payouts Documentation link

NOTE: All payments and payouts are processed according to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time. As a result, the processed date may not be the same as your local time zone.

What are the expectations for the first payout with Lunchbox?

  • Your first payout may take up to seven (7) days, but after the official launch, the process should follow the payout schedule at that point.

Where do refunds and chargebacks go?

  • Processed refunds can be delivered within the Export feature of the Payouts section (see "Finding Payouts in the Admin Dashboard," Step 3). Disputes and Refunds can be managed from the Admin Dashboard by using the Disputes or Refunds buttons.

    • Lunchbox uses Sift, which is a fraud program that protects our restaurant partners. If you have specific questions how the ways that Lunchbox uses this program to protect our restaurant partners, contact [email protected] for further information.

Can each location set up different Payout Schedules?

Who can I reach out to for questions concerning payouts?

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