Setting Item Min/Max
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Feature Description


Item Minimum and Item Maximum number of selections can be set on the Menu Group or Subgroup level on the Admin Dashboard. This functionality allows for the Group or Subgroup to function similarly to a Modifier so that selection amounts are limited.

Setup Process

Step 1: Navigate to the Menu Group or Subgroup on the Admin Dashboard that needs to have Minimum / Maximums in place.

Step 2: Set the Min or Max amount of Item selections that should be applied to the Group or Subgroup.


Step 3: Check off the box below if Items in the Group can only be once as part of the Min/Max settings.


Step 4: Select the Save button.


Guest Experience

From the Guest's perspective, a Subgroup will appear as a Modifier Group would once it is configured. See the example below:


NOTE: The Tenders options shown above are actually configured as Subgroups, but from the Guest’s perspective, they appear like Items.


Only one Item selection can be made within this Subgroup because the settings are configured to be Min = 1, Max = 1.

NOTE: Subgroups need to be enabled by the Lunchbox team. Please reach out to Support at [email protected] to assist with setup.


  • What if the Min/Max settings are left blank?
    If the settings are left blank, unlimited selections will be the default.

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