Order Type Availability
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Feature Description


Order Type Availability determines what Menus, Groups, Subgroups, Items, and Modifiers are available for the different ordering methods (e.g., Pickup, Delivery, Dine-In, Table Kiosk). This is commonly used to designate one Menu for Pickup and one specifically for Delivery to allow for a difference in pricing.

Setup Process

Step 1: Navigate to the Menu, Group, Subgroup, Item, or Modifier on the Admin Dashboard that needs to have Order Type Availability adjusted.

Step 2: Make the appropriate selection for which Order Types should be applicable.


Step 3: Select the Save button.


Guest Experience

At the beginning of the ordering process, guests will make their selection for which Order Type they are choosing (as shown below). This initial selection will determine which Menu entities will be visible. This applies to all ordering experiences (e.g., App, Web, Table Kiosk).

NOTE: Table Kiosk might also be referred to as Dine-in as shown below or Pocket Kiosk.



  • What if some Items we offer have varying Order Type Availability at different locations?
    โ€‹This is currently a universal setting that will apply to the Item at all locations that it is available at.

  • What if no Order Type Availability options are selected?
    โ€‹Any Menu entities with no Order Type Availability selections made will default to being visible across all ordering methods.

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