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Changing your Menu Pictures
Changing your Menu Pictures
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Changing Menu Pictures Process

Step 1: When looking to change your menu pictures start by selecting Menu Entities from the menu pane.


Step 2: This will drop down four (4) links labeled as Menus, Groups, Items, and Options. Click on Menus, which will take you to a new page labeled Search for Menus.

Step 3: You'll notice that, located at the bottom of the page, there is a column labeled:

  • Name: What the menu is labeled.

  • Availability: Status of the menu being used or obtained.

  • GUID: The GUID of the item you are looking for, as it is in the POS system.


Step 4: Once you click on the menu that is being used, you will be taken to Group Items. Click inside the item you would like to make a change.


Step 5: If an image is already being used you will be able to view it. If an image isn't being used, nothing will appear once you click on the item.


โ€‹Step 6: Once you have the image you would like to upload for the item you selected, click on Upload, upload the image from your device and click Save.


Step 7: We highly suggest going to the Ordering Platform and observing the new image you have just uploaded to see from a guest's point of view.

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