Holiday Hours
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Feature Description


This feature sets the schedule of the restaurant ahead of time. The effectiveness also until the set date only. This also overrides the regular hour set in the Operating hours.

Setup Process:

Step 1: In the Lunchbox admin dashboard, select Holiday Hours to execute the feature.


Step 2: To create or add a new holiday hour, click the Add New Holiday Hour button located on the top right of the page. To edit existing Holiday Hours, select from the list located in the center of the page.


Step 3: Fill in the appropriate information on the fields provided.

NOTE: In giving a name for the Holiday Hour, it must be unique and best describes the holiday for easy understanding.


Step 4: The Date Range field can be customized according to the specific desired date.


Step 5: To set hours, there are three (3) order types that need to be set: Pickup, Delivery, and Dine-In. Simply select the desired Open/Close time for each order type.

โ€‹Step 6: To set locations, simply tick the box that applies to holiday hours. (In the above example, the Holiday Hours only apply to Location Chip Astoria LLC and Chip LIC LLC). Once done, select the Create button.

NOTE: To indicate a location is closed for the entire day, use the "X" button to clear all values from the field.

Warning! If you set the times to 0:00 - 0:00 it will open your restaurants for 24 hours.


Can Holiday Hours be used to turn off the Catering status?

  • No. The feature only applies to Pickup, Delivery, and Dine In.

How do you edit the created Holiday Hours?

  • Go to the Search for Holiday Hours page and select the name of the Holiday Hours that need to be edited. All fields can be edited once you're on the page. Select the Save button to confirm.

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