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Menu Hierarchy
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Feature Description


Menu Entities in Lunchbox are broken down into four (4) different hierarchical levels:

  • Menus

  • Groups

  • Items

  • Options

Menu Hierarchy Example

  • Menu = Dinner

  • Group = Appetizer

  • Item = Chicken Wings

  • Options = Sauce Choice Modifier

Navigation Process

Step 1: On the Admin Dashboard, select the Menu Entities option in the menu pane.


Step 2: Once selected, the Menu Entities option will expand to show the four (4) hierarchical levels that can be selected to navigate through.


Step 3: After choosing one of the hierarchical levels, all applicable Menu Entities will be displayed. If necessary, the entities can be searched for by Name or POS GUID (Global Unique Identifier; assigned on the POS). The example below shows the Search for Menus page:


Step 4: After selecting a Menu Entity (Menu, Group, Item, Option), the hierarchy can be easily clicked through layer by layer.

Guest Experience

As guests interact with the Menu across the Lunchbox platform, they will not see the Menu level of the hierarchy. Instead, guests will navigate directly through the Groups as shown below (e.g., Boozy Shakes, Bottled Canned Beer, Wine, Cocktails).



  • I can’t find any of the items that I just added to my Point of Sale system.
    Any new Items, Groups, or Menus that are added in the Point of Sale require a Menu Sync to be successfully displayed in the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard and subsequent ordering platform (e.g., Web Ordering, App Ordering, Catering Ordering, or Pocket Kiosk).

  • I made changes to items in my Point of Sale system that was already in the Lunchbox Dashboard, but they are not showing up for guests on ordering platforms
    Lunchbox will not update any item picture, calorie, name, or any other information that is changed in the Point of Sale after the first time it is pulled into the Lunchbox database through a Menu Sync.

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