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Gift Card Purchase and Redemption
Gift Card Purchase and Redemption
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Gift Card Overview

Gift Cards are digital-only and can be spent in-store through Scan to Pay or online via web ordering and app ordering.

NOTE: Gift card purchases require a minimum value of $10 and can only be purchased in-app with the credit card on file in your account.

Feature Content:

Purchasing a Gift Card

NOTE: Make sure you are logged into your account within the app before starting the gift card purchase process.

Step 1: Select the Account tab in the app.


Step 2: Then, select the Buy a Gift Card option.


Step 3: On the Buy a Gift Card page, you can select to send the gift card via email or phone. For this example, we selected the email option.


Step 4: After selecting email or phone, Enter the Gift Card Amount, Recipient’s Name, Recipient’s Email Address, Billing State, and then, if desired, use the Add a Message textbox to send a note (e.g., Congrats!).


Step 5: Finally, select the Send Gift Card button.


Step 6: A pop-up appears to confirm your gift card purchase.


Redeeming a Gift Card

NOTE: A separate bank account is necessary to store and manage Gift Card funds from the Gift Card purchase. This separate bank account is needed until it has been redeemed and the money can be transferred to the main escrow account to be spent.

Step 1: After you have purchased a gift card, the recipient is sent an email or text message with the Sender’s Name, Gift Card Value, and 16-digit Gift Card ID Number.


Step 2: To redeem the gift card, the recipient should highlight and copy the 16-digit Gift Card ID Number.


Step 3: Then, open the app and select the Account tab.


NOTE: Make sure the recipient is logged into their account within the app to complete the gift card redemption process.

Step 4: Next, select Preload Balance.


Step 5: On the Preload Balance page, scroll down to the Redeem a Gift Card section and paste the 16-digit Gift Card ID Number into the provided field.


Step 6: Then, select Redeem.


Step 7: A pop-up displays to confirm that the gift card amount is officially added to the recipient’s account.


Step 8: At this point, the recipient can now use the gift card to place an order online and for purchases in-store via scan-to-pay.


It is important to know the following information concerning settling Gift Card payments:

  1. When a Gift Card is purchased or Preload balance is loaded, the funds from the purchase are directly transferred to a separate Escrow bank account.

  2. Your management team will be responsible for settling Gift Card payments for each store.


  • Gift Cards cannot be used on Catering sites.

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