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Updating Menu Priority
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What is Priority?


Priority specifies the order that an item should be displayed for the customer.

Setting the Priority

When viewing the details of an Item, Menu, Group, or Option, you can find the priority located on the top left. As you can see in the example below, we are looking at the group named Burgers. This group has a priority of 17.


NOTE: The higher the priority, the higher up the item will be shown on the menu.

In the scenario for this restaurant example, the Menu Groups have the following priorities set:

  • Shares: 25

  • Greens: 20

  • Wiches: 19

  • Burgers: 17

  • Sides: 16

  • Cubby Meal: 15

  • Shakes: 14

  • Sweets: 12

  • Beverages: 10


Priorities also give you the flexibility to move items to the top of their given section. So in the scenario of Burgers, this restaurant wants their item Be My Burger listed first before all other items. They set the Be My Burger to a priority of 20. Any item that does not have a priority set will be treated as a priority of 0 and will use default positioning.

This setting for Be My Burger to a priority of 20 achieved the following result:


As you can see, Variety Burger was also given a priority of 15 and is listed after Be My Burger; it is also listed before all the other burgers, which are listed alphabetically.

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