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Nested Modifiers Setup
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Nested Modifiers Feature Overview


The Nested Modifiers feature gives our Restaurant Partners the ability to be efficient, clear, and creative with their menu building process and offer a more unique, customizable experience for their guests.

The following benefits are a direct result of implementing Nested Modifiers:

  • Customization: Flexibility in ordering options for guests to increase basket size and brand experience.

  • Store Operations: Improve ease of productivity for restaurant teams and simplify order clarification.

  • Guest Experience: Reduction of menu clutter, ease the ordering burden on guests, and improve over 3rd party experience!

What is a Nested Modifier?

The following is a visual representation of how Nested Modifiers help increase your menu options:


POS Compatibility

The Nested Modifiers feature is supported on Toast, Revel, Brink, Deliverect, and Ordermark. There will be upcoming support on Otter soon!


Admin Dashboard Settings

All of the following settings are available for Regular Modifiers are now available to customize your Nested Modifiers:

  • Minimums & Maximums: Set the minimum and maximum that guests can select.

  • Priority: Adjust the order in which you want the modifiers to be listed.

  • Order Type Availability: Choose if modifiers are available for Pickup, Delivery, or Dine In only.

  • Location Availability: Choose which locations express nested modifiers.

  • Images: Upload to your Media Hub. Images should have a size of approximately 150kb and dimensions of 500px x 500px (1:1 ratio). Add your image within the Menu tool.


Best Practices for using Nested Modifiers

  • No Circular References: Errors will occur if the same GUIDs or Item Identifiers are used on multiple items.

  • Five (5) Layers Max: No more than five (5) layers of modifiers for the optimal guest experience.

  • Location Targeting: Confirm modifiers are linked to the correct location in your POS and the Admin Dashboard.

  • Images: Ensure that Nested Modifier images are 500 px X 500 px, ~150 kb for optimal loading time. This is the same process as any other image upload.


  • How do you turn off modifiers for the entire menu at a specific location?

    To do this, navigate to the modifier via Menu Entities > Menus > Groups > Item > Options. Once you locate the specific modifier (i.e., Carne Asada), toggle the Carne Asada option to off (gray) for the location that is out of the modifier option. Once you toggle the modifier off for the specified location, it is off for the entire menu at that location and guests will no longer be able to choose that option/modifier until you turn it back on.

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