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Deliverect Overview
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Deliverect Overview

Deliverect is a software platform that integrates your third-party provider with your POS system. This aggregator allows Lunchbox to send orders to your POS system, obtain menus, acquire pricing, and so on.

Set Up a Deliverect Account

In order for Lunchbox online orders to populate properly (and for all reporting to be correct), Lunchbox must be set up to integrate with Deliverect and in order to do that Lunchbox needs to be granted access to the Restaurant Partner’s Deliverect Dashboard.

Set Up Deliverect and Lunchbox Integration

Here's how the integration between Deliverect and Lunchbox occurs:

  1. Deliverect establishes a connection between Lunchbox and your in-house order management system.

  2. Orders made on Lunchbox are then integrated directly to your POS.

  3. You get a complete overview of all your orders on one device.

  4. Deliverect sends automatic order status updates to LunchBox to keep everyone in the loop.

  5. Thanks to Deliverect's two-way integrations, you can also sync your Lunchbox menus directly from your POS.

NOTE: This integration requires a subscription to both Lunchbox and Deliverect.


Deliverect offers the following benefits:

  • Save Time and Labor: Simplifying your order management flow frees up time for you and your team to focus on what matters most.

  • Accurate Online Orders: No more manual copying online orders to your POS. Deliverect automates the process to ensure 100% accuracy. Deliverect enables restaurants to easily manage all of their online orders (delivery, takeout, in-house apps)

  • Increase Your Revenue: Deliverect makes it easy to explore new sales channels, so you can serve more happy customers and increase profits.

  • Amplify Customer Service: Deliverect allows you to take customer service to the next level, helping you to attract new customers and keep them coming back for more.

  • Only Direct API Integrations: There's no email scraping and no other middleware.

  • Centralized Menu Control: Central menu management and automatic menu mapping availability.

  • Global Reach: Provides an enterprise integration layer for international groups.

  • Virtual / Ghost Brand Handling: Menu management and reporting by brand or location.


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