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LB 1.0 Awarding Loyalty in the Admin Dashboard
LB 1.0 Awarding Loyalty in the Admin Dashboard
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When looking to “Award Loyalty” to a “Guest”, on the left panel of your Lunchbox Dashboard, go to Guests. Here you will see a list of your Patrons sorted descendingly based on their account creation. You can filter these results typing either their first name, last name, email or phone number, then click “Filter”.

Clicking on a guest will display the patron’s information and history. Beside the Loyalty History you will see the “Award Loyalty” button. Clicking this button will reveal the loyal history panel on the right side of your screen.

There are three types of Loyalty that can be awarded to a patron:

Order: This type of loyalty is added to the patron’s loyalty journey or progress e.g if someone purchased $42 worth of food and forgot to scan, this is the loyalty type you would use.
Credit: This will be available to spend on their next purchase as a credit e.g $5 off their order.
Remove Credit: Whenever you have accidentally rewarded credit to a guest, you can select this loyalty option to remove guest's available credits.

Value: You can input the amount of loyalty you want to award the patron here.

Click on the “Award” to finish awarding loyalty to the patron.

*Loyalty progress is added to the patron’s “journey” in gaining loyalty.

**Available Loyalty is the amount a patron can redeem or “spend now”.

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