Editing Menu Items
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Feature Description


Once a Menu Item has been created within the Point of Sale and a Menu Sync has been completed, the Item’s configurations can be further edited within the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard.

Feature Contents:


Priority specifies what order an item -- this also applies to Menus, Groups, Subgroups, and Modifiers -- should be displayed. This is an open field where a number can be entered to determine the sorting order. The higher the assigned number, the higher on the list it will appear (e.g., an item with a priority of 100 will automatically sort itself before an item with an assigned priority of 50).


Cover Size

Cover Size determines how many guests the Item is intended to serve. This feature is especially relevant for restaurants that specialize in group-order dishes or catering. Specifying a Cover Size for an Item can help provide additional insights within Sales Reporting and Analytics. Using this feature opens up the ability to view check averages based on Cover Size. This helps determine just how much money is being generated from each Cover.


Analytics Reporting:


Order Type Availability

Order Type Availability determines what Items -- this also applies to Menus, Groups, Subgroups, and Modifiers -- are available for the different ordering methods (i.e., Pickup, Delivery, Dine-In, Table Kiosk). This feature allows for restaurants to disqualify specific Items from the different ordering methods if necessary (e.g., Milkshake Items are only available for Pickup so that they do not melt during delivery transport). Simply check the box for the types that should apply to each Item.


NOTE: If nothing is selected, the Item will default to being available for all ordering types. This is also a universal setting change for all locations that this Item is available for and cannot be customized on a per-location basis.


Descriptions are the written representation of an Item on the Menu. This is how the Item is being verbally marketed to the guest and may include a flavor profile, ingredients list, etc.




Additional Description

Additional Descriptions are available if there needs to be extra information communicated with the Item. This field can be used to denote special instructions, added benefits, disclaimers, etc. (e.g., Alcoholic beverages may contain an Additional Description warning that guests must be 21+ to purchase).





The Calories section allows for the input of a Minimum and Maximum calorie range for an item. In some states, restaurants are required to display the calorie counts of items on their menu.


Dietary Restrictions

Dietary Restrictions can be used to tag items with a variety of different food allergies or dietary disclaimers (e.g., Gluten-Free, May Contain Nuts, etc)


NOTE: Dietary Restrictions require additional branded assets to be provided to the Lunchbox team. Please reach out to Support or the assigned CS Partner for more information on setting this up.


Images are the visual representation of an Item on the Menu. Menu Item images preferably should be around 150kb in size and have dimensions of 889 x 500px (16:9 ratio); it is also ideal for it to be in landscape format. Modifier images, however preferably, should have dimensions of 500 x 500px (1:1 ratio), also having the size of around 150kb. If an uploaded image is too large, it can cause lag and noticeably disrupt the guest experience.


NOTE: Photos first need to be uploaded under the Media tab on the Admin Dashboard.

Location Availability

Location Availability determines what individual stores that an Item is orderable from. Selecting the Availability Toggle on the right-hand side will determine the item’s accessibility.


NOTE: If not all locations are appearing on the list, it’s important to check where the Item is being targeted to within the Point of Sale.

Schedule Availability (86ing)

Schedule Availability allows for Items to be temporarily enabled or disabled until a specified date and time. This can be individually applied to certain stores or across all locations. Simply select whether the Item will be temporarily Available or Unavailable, set the Start/End Date, and choose the appropriate locations.



  • Why is one of my locations not appearing on my Location Availability list?

    • It is possible that the Item is not being properly targeted at that location. Double-check the Item’s Target field on your POS backend to make sure that the location is being Targeted directly or via a Restaurant Group.

  • I assigned Dietary Restrictions to an Item, but nothing is showing up on my App or Website.

    • Dietary Restrictions require additional branded assets be provided to the Lunchbox team. Please reach out to Support or the assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM) for more information on setting this up!

  • Do menu items auto-populate descriptions?

    • Only on the first sync.

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