Pocket Kiosk Overview
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The Pocket Kiosk product gives guests the ability to order their meals without the help of a server. Guests can use their phone to place their order and identify their table number for a dine-in eating experience

Restaurants will provide guests with a QR code and table number when they dine-in to help facilitate the use of Pocket Kiosk. The QR code is linked out to each location's unique URL for the Pocket Kiosk product, this ensures that the guest has a seamless and frictionless table ordering experience.

  • POS Compatibility: Currently only supported for Toast, with Revel POS coming soon (TBD)

  • Availability: Currently only available for Web ordering


Guest Ordering Experience:

Step 1: First, the guest will scan the QR Code provided at the table to begin the ordering process.


Step 2: Then, the guest is prompted to enter the Table Number provided at the table.


Step 3: Once the guest has entered and confirmed their Table Number and the Ordering Menu Displays, the guest can add items to their cart.


Step 4: After all items are added to their cart, they’re able to checkout.


Step 5: Then guests are prompted to either login/set up their account with the restaurant partner or check out as a Guest by adding their full name in the space provided. Remember, with Pocket Kiosk, guests are given the option for “Guest Checkout,” which allows them to checkout without creating a login.


Step 6: During this time the guest will also enter an Email Address to receive their receipt post-checkout.

NOTE: Once the guest has completed the checkout process, they will receive an email that includes an itemized receipt of the guest’s purchase.


Step 7: Then, the guest will complete the payment information (guests cannot pay with cash for Pocket Kiosk orders), add a Promo Code if applicable, choose a Tip Amount, and click Place Order.


Step 8: After the guest checks out, the order is sent to the kitchen with the table number. Then, the staff will deliver the food to the appropriate table once the order is prepared.


NOTE: Guest Checkout is optional for Restaurant Partners to use for their guests, but Lunchbox strongly advises against it. Using Guest Checkout will not let the guest accrue or redeem any loyalty rewards; Restaurant Partners will also lose the ability to gather guest data, as all information is deleted after an order is placed.

Pocket Kiosk Benefits:

  • LABOR SAVER: Because the guests are ordering and checking out on their own, less staff is needed to support a shift.

  • CONVENIENT: Guests can order and checkout from their table via their mobile device. Guests no longer have to wait in line to place an order or wait for a server to place their order and process their payment.

  • SAFETY AND SANITATION FRIENDLY: By utilizing Pocket Kiosk, there is less contact between the guests and your restaurant team. There is no need to hand off menus or credit cards to complete an order transaction.

  • GUEST CHECKOUT OPTION: Guests do not have to create a login/password to place an order via Pocket Kiosk.

  • GUEST DATA AND LOYALTY: If Guests do have an account, they can log in when placing their dine-in order via Pocket Kiosk to earn loyalty points, redeem loyalty, or use an e-gift card in their wallet. Keep in mind that you are able to collect data on your guests that log into their account when placing their Pocket Kiosk order.

  • EASY DELIVERY: Lunchbox already has your menu and assets, which means that we can get your Pocket Kiosk up and running in no time!

  • CUSTOMIZED DESIGN: Fully customized design to match the brand's typography, iconography, and color scheme


  • NO CASH: Pocket Kiosk does not support cash orders.

  • NO ID/AGE VERIFICATION FOR ALCOHOL PURCHASES: Pocket Kiosk does not offer a way to verify someone’s age when ordering alcoholic beverages. However, you can include a modifier on alcohol items asking the individual to confirm their age before adding the item to their cart; the server can also check IDs when delivering the guest’s order to their table.

  • TOAST POS ONLY: As of right now, Pocket Kiosk can only be used with Toast POS.

  • GUEST CHECKOUT: When guests decide to checkout using the “guest checkout” feature, then the guest cannot accrue or redeem any loyalty rewards and the restaurant partner will also lose the ability to gather guest data from Pocket Kiosk orders as all information is deleted after the order is placed.

  • WEB ONLY: Pocket Kiosk is only available via Web ordering and does not work on App.

  • NO OPEN TAB: Pocket Kiosk requires guests to checkout to complete their order, which means that ordering via Pocket Kiosk does not allow the guests to have an open tab to continue ordering more food, drinks, etc. If a guest wants to order more food or drinks after placing their order, they will start the Pocket Kiosk ordering process over again.

  • MULTIPLE PREP TICKETS FOR ONE TABLE: Because orders placed via Pocket Kiosk submit an order ticket to the kitchen, there is a chance that your kitchen could get multiple order tickets per one table. To help remedy this situation, encourage guests to place everyone’s order under one ticket instead of each individual in the group placing an order via Pocket Kiosk. This can help to cut down on the number of ticket orders sent to the kitchen per table.

  • GROUP ORDERING SPLIT CHECKS: Same table Group Ordering Split checks cannot be performed. Lunchbox cannot currently unify pocket kiosk checks; Lunchbox only can bill separately in group ordering situations.


  • Do you have a use case for Pocket Kiosk?

    • Yes, Wings Over uses Pocket Kiosk for curbside and numbered their parking spots. Bareburger also uses Pocket Kiosk and has the QR code/table number at the table with instructions.

  • Should Restaurant Partners create a separate menu for Pocket Kiosk?

    • It is not required, however, we recommend that they create a separate menu for Pocket Kiosk and include nested modifiers for menu options so the menu isn’t cluttered.

  • Is Pocket Kiosk available for Marketplace?

    • Not yet.

Interested in Pocket Kiosk?

To deliver Pocket Kiosk, the below information is needed from our Restaurant Partners:

  • A table map complete with table numbers for each restaurant.

    • This can be used for the “curbside” area of the restaurant

    • They cannot duplicate table numbers

  • The restaurant partner must decide where to place the QR codes for guests to scan for ordering via Pocket Kiosk.

    • Note: Some restaurants place the QR codes directly on the table or at a standing sign next to a queuing line.

  • Determine if Pocket Kiosk will be the primary service area of the restaurant. (i.e. Is it the main dining room or a curbside area?)

  • Determine whether or not they want to have auto-gratuity added to orders and if so, how much?

  • Determine the name of the new dining option. (i.e. Rapid Service, Curbside, Dine and Go)

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