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Catering 1.0: Placing an Order for a Guest
Catering 1.0: Placing an Order for a Guest
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Placing a Catering Order for Guests


There are times when the restaurant needs to make a change to a guest’s catering order after the order has been submitted. Because of this, the restaurant is able to manually place an order for a guest. Typically, this occurs if a guest submits a catering order and you need to make adjustments to their order for them.

NOTE: To place an order for a guest, you must have a “guest” account login for your restaurant’s catering web ordering platform and you must mark the “guests” Is Employee in the patron options of their account from the Admin Dashboard. You must request assistance from the Support Team to have the guest marked as Is Employee.


Placing a Catering Order for Guests (after an order is submitted)

Step 1: When a catering order is submitted and it is not set up to be automatically submitted, it appears on the Catering Orders page as Pending. If an adjustment needs to be made to the order submitted, you must decline the guest’s catering order that requires updates. When you decline a catering order, you can still view the information from the order on the Catering Orders page of the Admin Dashboard. You can access this page by navigating to Catering > Orders.

NOTE: It is best practice to communicate to the guest and let them know that you will be making an adjustment to their order and agree on those adjustments which will result in their order being declined. Let them know, however, that you will be following up with a preloaded order link that they will simply just have to add a payment to.


NOTE: If the guest’s order is accepted, there is still the possibility of going through the Admin Dashboard and declining the order. As a result, a manual refund would have to be processed by accessing the regular orders page on the Admin Dashboard.

Step 2: The restaurant employee can log into their guest (Is Employee) account on the catering web page for the website (see the login example below, which is using catering.<brand>.com).


Step 3: Add items to their cart based on the catering order placed in the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard. This is also when the employee can add in/update the information for the order to be complete/up to date.

Catering Order in Admin Dashboard:


Catering Order on Catering Web Page:


Step 4: Once all of the items are in their cart for the catering order, they need to select the Checkout option. Since the “Is Employee” role is being used here, a provided preload link is sent to the guest; they will click on the link, log in, and submit payment to resubmit the catering order.

Step 5: The Guest’s Information needs to be completed, which includes: Company, Address, Contact Name and Phone Number, Number of Guests, Serving Utensils and/or Eating Utensils, Tax Exempt ID (If applicable), and any other information. Once all of the required guest information is entered, select the Save button.

Guest info in Admin Dashboard:


Guest info in Catering Web Page:


Step 6: After one selects the Save button, a Shareable Link will appear and you can email the link or text the link to the Guest for them to complete their payment method information.


Step 7: Once the order is paid for it will appear again (marked Open) in the catering orders section of the admin dashboard to be reviewed for approval.

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