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Dining Hours
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Feature Description


Dining Hours is available for Restaurant Groups only (this is not currently available for Marketplaces). The feature offers the ability for Restaurant Operators to display Menus during certain hours of the day. This can be configured by the calendar week and can be uniquely set for location-specific availability. Dining Hours can also be used for an infinite number of other Menu offerings, including (but not limited to):

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Brunch

  • Dinner

  • Happy Hour

  • Late Night

Navigation Process

Step 1: Navigate to the Dining Hours tab on the Admin Dashboard menu pane. On the Search for Dining Hours page, any Dining Hours created can be viewed. On the top right, select the Set Dining Hours button to set up new Dining Hours.


Step 2: On the Dining Hours page, set the Menu availability that will be shown to Guests. This is the timetable that the Guest will be presented with the Menu being assigned. Enter a name for the Dining Hours in the Name field. You can also select the actual hours that will be defined as operational Dining Hours by using the Hours section; these hours will be available via Web and App.


Step 3: On the same page, the Location Availability sets the Location that the Menu will be available at. Use the toggle to mark this configuration as available (blue/on) or unavailable (gray/off) for a specific store.


Step 4: After setting the Dining Hours and Location Availability, select the Add Menus button to assign a Menu to the availability.


Step 5: On the Search for Menus page, choose the Menu that will be associated with the Dining Hours and select the Add Menu button. If a Menu isn't available, use the search function (Name or POS GUID) to identify your desired menu.


Step 6: After selecting the Add Menu button, write in the name for the Dining Hours being created, then select the Create button to finish the process.


NOTE: If you need to make updates to a dining hour, select the Name of the dining hour, make any updates necessary, and select Save. However, If you need to delete a dining hour, select the Name of the Dining Hour. Then, on the Dining Hour page, select Delete to remove the dining hour.


  • How to change the time of availability for a specified Menu?
    Navigate to Dining Hours and select the Menu that needs to be edited. Adjust the times and Save.

  • How can I remove Menu from the Dining Hours?
    On the Menus table, select the box that has to be deleted then select the Remove button.

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