Disabling Menu Items
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Feature Description


Disabling Items indefinitely can be done across all locations or on a location-by-location basis. This can be useful if Items are only offered at certain stores and need to be removed as an option for guests to purchase. This can also be helpful if operators need to quickly disable an Item across the entire Restaurant Group.

Setup Process

Step 1: In the Admin Dashboard, navigate to Menu Entities > Menu.


Step 2: The Search For Menus page will appear; you can search for specific items using this feature. In the Menus section below, select the line item needed.


Step 3: The Menu selected appears. Scroll down to the Menu Groups section and select the line item needed.


Step 4: The Menu Group selected appears. Scroll down to the Group Items section and select the line item needed.


Step 5: The Menu Item page will appear. From here, you can perform any number of functions needed, including disabling the Menu Item.


Step 6: Select the Enabled Everywhere toggle (in the upper-right) to remove the Item across all locations. Select the toggle under the Location Availability section to remove (toggle turns gray) the Item from individual locations as needed.

  • Disabling an item through this method will ensure that location-specific availability status is ignored.

  • As a Restaurant Group Super Admin, this will help you disable items system-wide in case any emergencies occur and will prevent them from showing up for purchase, regardless of what availability is set under Location Availability by Store Managers.

  • It is important to know that when you disable a Menu Item, you must manually enable the Menu Item once the item is available for ordering again at your location.


NOTE: Use the checkboxes to the left of the locations listed to select multiple stores at a time to quickly apply changes across locations. This feature is only available to super admins in your Restaurant Group.

Step 7: To Disable Items in bulk, navigate to Menu Entities > Items on the Admin Dashboard and select the necessary checkboxes to the left of the Items. Choose between the two options on the right-hand side (Make Available or Make Unavailable) to make the selected Items available or unavailable all at once, respectively.


NOTE: You will follow the same process to disable a Menu Option / Modifier. To do this, navigate to Menu Item > Option > Modifier Item.


  • What is the difference between Schedule Availability and Disabling an Item?
    Items with a Scheduled Availability will automatically re-appear at the configured End date/time. Disabling an Item will permanently remove it from the location(s) until it is manually re-enabled.

  • I use the same menu for my POS and Lunchbox, will this affect my In-Store Item’s availability?
    No, this configuration will only apply to the Item’s functionality on the Lunchbox platform! Marking the Item as out of stock on the POS would need to be handled separately.

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