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Delivery Tip Reporting in the POS
Delivery Tip Reporting in the POS
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In this article, we'll discuss what Tips to POS means and what happens when you toggle off or on. This is important if you are using a 3rd party courier such as Relay, Doordash Drive, etc. for delivery orders AND you are tipping out your in-store employees for pickup orders. The last thing you want to do is pay tips for orders to BOTH the 3rd party courier AND your in-store employees.

What does "Tips to the POS" mean?

First off, you will find this option by navigating to Settings > Settings > Tips to POS.


By toggling off any of the options (catering deliver, catering pickup, delivery, dine-in or pick up), the tips for those order types will not push to the integrated POS (e.g., Toast, Revel, Brink, etc.), but will instead be left off the receipt when it prints at the restaurant. It will still be sent to the integrated courier partner, but tip totals will not match up between the POS and Lunchbox Admin Dashboard.

What if I want all tips to report to the POS, but I want to make sure my in-store teams aren't receiving those delivery tips meant for the 3rd party courier?

If you leave any of the options toggled on, the tips for these orders will print on the receipt sent to the POS and reporting for all order types will match up; this is usually the preferred method. However, if you are tipping out your teams in-house for order types such as pick up, dine-in, and/or catering delivery and you want to ensure that they are being tipped out properly on those Lunchbox orders, you will need to filter your order types from your Sales Summary to capture the correct total for your in-store tip outs.

NOTE: This is also useful if you want to filter out additional 3rd party tips as well.

Let's use Toast as an example:

Step 1: In the Toast Backend navigate to Reports > Sales > Sales Summary:



Step 2: On the Sales Summary, you can see the total tips which, by default includes all Dining Options. To filter those options, select More, then Dining Option. This will open up a filter below for you to select which Dining Options you would like to include in the report:


Step 3: Once the Dining Options appear, you will want to select ALL Dining Options that your in-store teams should be tipped out for. Leave unchecked any Dining Options meant for 3rd party delivery couriers so they don't apply to the Tips total that you will be tipping your in-store teams on.

For example, I want to remove any Lunchbox Delivery Orders from the Sales Summary, so I will only check off Lunchbox Pickup and Lunchbox Catering Pickup as you can see below.


Step 4: Once you have made your selections, click Update to reflect the above changes:


Notice how the Tip Total changed from $94.16 to $75.43 after the filters were applied.

Step 5: Once you have your new tip out, you can be confident that you are tipping out your in-store employees on the order types they are supposed to receive tips on and NOT tips meant for 3rd party couriers that you will be billed for later.

NOTE: This report can also be used to ensure that the tips reported and billed to you from the 3rd party courier service match what you have in your POS, based upon the Dining Options selected.

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