Creating Upsells
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Feature Description


Upsells are a great opportunity to increase check averages by offering guests the ability to select any final add-ons to their order as they proceed through the checkout process on the Lunchbox App or Web experience.

Feature Content

Guest Experience

After a guest selects their cart for review and chooses to Checkout, they will be presented with any configured Upsell items.


Setup Process

Step 1: On the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard, select Upsells on the menu pane.


Step 2: Select the Create button, located in the upper right-hand corner.


Step 3: Create the Upsell by performing the following steps:

  • Choose the Menu where the upsell will appear in the cart.

  • Select the Group (i.e., Drinks or Dessert).

  • Click the Subgroup (in that Group that you previously selected).

  • Select the Item you would like to upsell.


Step 4: Once the item is selected, the process is complete!

NOTE: After the creation (and display) of an Upsell, you can use the toggle to turn the Upsell on or off. When you disable (toggle is gray) an Upsell, it will no longer appear on Web and App. If you enable (toggle is blue) an Upsell, it will appear on Web and App.


Setting the Upsells Priority

After the creation of the upsell, you can update settings like Priority. The priority number determines where the Upsell will be displayed; the higher the priority number, the higher up the item list will be shown.

Step 1: To access the Priority setting, navigate to the Upsells option in the Admin Dashboard menu pane, which will open the Search For Upsells section. If there are existing Upsells, they will be listed in the bottom portion; the Priority column is on the right.


Step 2: Select an item from the Upsells, which will display the item along with the Priority and Location Availability. You can set the priority number in the Priority field and select the Save button to confirm.


Setting the Upsells Location Availability

After the creation of the upsell, you can update settings like the Location Availability, where you can select the locations you want the upsell to be made available.

Step 1: After you've created the upsell, you can select an Upsell item from the list, and it will take you to the upsell Location Availability and Priority areas. You can select the Enabled Everywhere toggle in the upper right-hand corner to turn on the Upsell for all locations, or use individual toggles within the Location Availability section to select specific locations where the Upsells will appear. Don't forget to select the Save button to confirm!


NOTE: The upsell will be on for all locations unless you turn off the Enabled Everywhere toggle.

Removing an Upsell

Step 1: To remove an Upsell item, simply click on the item to be removed from the Upsells listings. After the item opens, click the Delete button to remove the upsell.



  • Will the recommended Upsell items adjust based on a guest’s order history?
    No, the Upsell items are currently static and will not adjust automatically based on a guest’s previous order history.

  • How can I delete an Upsell?
    After an Upsell item is created, just click into the item from the Upsells page and select the Delete button.

  • If I don't have Toast MMM, do I need to create the Upsell for each location inside of Toast?
    Yes. Each menu item that is used for an Upsell requires a unique GUID to be used for each location's Upsell need.

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