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Guest Reporting
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Feature Description


The Lunchbox Admin Dashboard has the ability to provide a view of each registered guest’s details for tracking and verification purposes. This can help answer the issues the guests/clients are having with guests’ access/information.

Navigation Process

Step 1: Navigate to Guests on the Admin Dashboard's menu pane.


Guest Reporting

Search for Guests

Step 1: Find Guests using these specific filters:

  • First Name - Guest’s registered first name.

  • Last Name - Guest’s registered last name.

  • Email - Guest’s registered email address.

  • Phone Number - Guest’s registered cell phone number.

Step 2: Press the Filter button to apply filters. Press the Reset button to clear applied filters.


Step 3: Select anywhere within the Guest line to navigate to the Guest’s account information.


Guest Account Details

The Details section contains the Guest’s account information:

  • First Name - Guest’s registered first name.

  • Last Name - Guest’s registered last name.

  • User ID - Random characters that represent the Guest’s unique identifier within the Lunchbox database.

  • Account Created - Date of Guest’s registration.

  • Address - Guest’s registered address.

  • Zip Code - Guest’s registered ZIP code.

  • Shirt Size - Guest’s shirt size for possible marketing purposes.

  • Gender - Guest's selected gender.

  • Birthday - Guest’s birthdate for possible marketing purposes.


Guest Contact Details

The Contact section contains guest’s contact information:

  • Phone - Guest’s registered cell phone number; can’t be used in multiple verified accounts.

  • Phone Verified - Can be toggled to verify or un-verify the phone number associated with the Guest's account.

  • Email - Guest’s registered email address.


NOTE: “Phone Verified” can be used to activate a guest’s phone number for use on Lunchbox platforms if the phone number is originally denied for account creation when signing up.

Guest Order Details

The Orders section contains a guest’s Loyalty Account and Order History totals:

  • Available Loyalty - Guest’s loyalty credits earned that can be applied to an order.

  • Loyalty Progress - Guest’s loyalty points earned from orders which then turn into credits depending on the Restaurant's loyalty system.

  • Lifetime Spend - Guest’s total order amount from all orders made on the Lunchbox platforms.

  • Lifetime Orders - Guest’s total order count from all orders made on the Lunchbox platforms.


Banning Guests

Internal Lunchbox users have the ability to inhibit Guests from making any transactions on the Lunchbox platforms.

  • Is Shadowbanned - Can be toggled to apply a shadowban that will soft ban the Guest from making any activity with the Lunchbox account.

  • Ban Guest - This option will permanently ban the Guest from doing any activity with the Lunchbox account; This will also inhibit the guest from using the same verified phone number in creating a new Lunchbox account.


NOTE: Only Internal Lunchbox Users can Shadowban and Permanently Ban Guests. Please reach out to Lunchbox Support via Live Chat or at [email protected] for assistance with this.

Audit Trail

Step 1: Select the History button under the Guest Details section to show the Audit Trail with the history of anyone who has made changes within the account. This includes the date and time when the changes were made and the name of the user who made the edits.


Loyalty History

The Guest's loyalty progress can be viewed under the Loyalty History section of their account page:

  • Award Loyalty - Loyalty Points and Credits can be manually applied to a Guest's account.

  • Wallet (View History) - This will show any stored credits from promotions and applied loyalty credits/points in the Guest account.

  • Tier (View History) - This will show the audit trail of loyalty points and credits within the account and the tier status of the Guest.


Order History

Each Guest page tracks all orders made with the guest account. These orders can be viewed by selecting anywhere within each transaction line.


Cards on File

Guests have the option to save their credit card information within their accounts for easier checkout.



  • What is the best way to search for a Guest account?
    Using phone numbers or email addresses to search for a Guest account will be the best way to search for a Guest because this information is unique for each account.

  • I want a report for a list of all Guests. Where can I download it?
    This report can be downloaded from, one of our integration partners for marketing.

  • What does shadow banning look like on the guest side? The guest just can't log in?Shadowbanning, on the guest side, will appear as shown below when activated and the guest attempts to log in.

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