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Award or Remove Loyalty Points
Award or Remove Loyalty Points
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  • In the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard, a Restaurant Partner can award loyalty points to patrons or remove them from their accounts.

  • The following options are available for awarding and removing loyalty points:

    • Awarding

      • Award Credit: Award a specific dollar amount to the patron as loyalty credit that can be redeemed for a future order.

      • Award Order: Award a specific amount of points to the patron as loyalty points and accelerate their progress towards the next award redemption.

    • Removing

      • Remove Credits: Deduct a specific dollar amount from the guest's total loyalty credit available for use.

Restaurant Experience


Step 1: Navigate to Guests on the Admin Dashboard

Search for Guests

Step 2: Find guests using these specific filters:

  • FIRST NAME - Guest’s registered first name

  • LAST NAME - Guest’s registered last name

  • EMAIL - Guest’s registered email address

  • PHONE NUMBER - Guest’s registered cell phone number

Press the FILTER button to apply filters. Press the RESET button to clear filters.

Step 3: Press anywhere within the guest line to navigate to the guest’s account information.

Step 4: Click on AWARD LOYALTY inside the guest account.

Step 5.1: Choose loyalty type and value based on what you want to apply with the guest’s loyalty program.

  • Award Credits - Select this to award dollar amounts to the guest as loyalty credits

  • Award Order - Select this to award points to the guests as loyalty points

  • Remove Credits - Select this to deduct dollar amounts from the guest’s total credits

Input the value of the credit/points needed to be changed. Click AWARD to apply.

Step 5.2: Applied credit/points in the guest account can be manually deleted.

Clicking on VIEW HISTORY beside ‘Wallet’ will open a window that contains stored credits from promotions and applied loyalty credits/points in the guest account

Click the ‘Trash Bin’ icon beside the loyalty points/credits applied to manually delete the entry.


What is the best way to search for a guest account?
Using phone numbers or email addresses to search for a guest account will be the best way since this information are unique for each guest.

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