Packing Instructions
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Feature Description


The Packing Instructions feature presents a final page before checkout (similar to Upsells), asking guests to choose any packing items they would like included with their order (e.g., napkins, utensils, etc.). This is also commonly used as a means of allowing for Curbside Pickup.

Setup Process

Step 1: Create a new menu within the Point of Sale called Packing Instructions with a group of Items within for any packing options (e.g., napkins, utensils, curbside pickup, etc.).

Step 2: Request a Menu Sync from the Lunchbox Support team via email or live chat on the Admin Dashboard.


NOTE: Be sure to push all saved changes to the Point of Sale before requesting a Menu Sync.

Step 3: After the Menu Sync is complete, navigate to the new Packing Instructions Menu on the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard.

Step 4: Under the Menu Type dropdown, select Packing Instructions.


NOTE: Be sure to select the appropriate Order Type Availability that these Packing Instructions should appear for. Packing Instructions can be different for Pickup vs. Delivery if necessary as well.

Step 4: Under the Menu Type dropdown, select Packing Instructions.


Guest Experience

As the Guest moves through the Checkout process, they will land on a page dedicated to the Packing Instructions before arriving at the ordering confirmation page.


Restaurant Operations

If necessary, Packing Instructions can be set per location by utilizing the Location Availability section on the Menu’s page. Simply enable or disable the toggle (to the right of the location).



  • I only need to set up Packing Instructions for Delivery orders, is that possible?
    Yes, within the Order Type Availability section on the Menu’s page, only check off the Delivery option.

  • If there are Modifiers attached to the Items used within the Packing Instructions menu, will guests see those?
    Only Items are visible within the Packing Instructions, Modifiers will not be shown.

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