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Availability Based on Location
Availability Based on Location
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Feature Description


This feature helps to inform the Restaurant Operator which Menu, Groups, Subgroups, and/or Items are available to a specific location.

Navigation Process

Step 1: Navigate to the Menu Entities tab on the Admin Dashboard menu pane. Select Menus to navigate through the hierarchy to locate the necessary Menu Entity.


Step 2: Once a Menu is selected, a new page will appear. On the right side of the page, you will see the Location Availability section. If a Restaurant Operator has access to multiple locations, several locations may be listed in this section.


Step 3: If a Menu Entity Is marked as Unavailable, it will appear as shown below. This means that the Menu Entity is not currently available in any of the locations.


NOTE: The Disable Everywhere toggle in the upper-righthand corner will quickly remove the Menu Entity from all stores. If this option is not currently visible, the permission is likely just not enabled on the Restaurant Operator's Lunchbox account.


  • If I want to add a Menu to be available to the location that is not currently on the location list, what should I do?
    โ€‹Confirm on the POS that the Menu is properly being targeted to the location. Once confirmed, make sure all changes are pushed to the POS. Request a Menu Sync from the Lunchbox support team. This should carry the location over to the Location Availability list for further editing.

  • Does a location need to be synced on the dashboard?
    โ€‹Yes. For location and menu changes, they need to be synced from the Lunchbox Dashboard for changes to "go live."

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