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How to Mark an Item Unavailable
How to Mark an Item Unavailable
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Start by selecting the desired location where you would like to mark an item unavailable.
Once you have picked a location go ahead and click on Menu inside the menu on your left to begin.


Once selected, your Menu Groups should appear in your dashboard and look like this:


From here, we're going to start by selecting the Menu section; our unavailable item lives inside.
For purposes of this example, we're going to go ahead and click on the Burgers section inside our Lunchbox online ordering menu.

Here's what the next screen should look like in your Admin Dashboard:


We can also use this screen to change the Description and Name of our section as well.
Also, if we wanted to mark the entire section unavailable we would click on the blue button, located underneath Availability.

But for now, let's resume finding that item we wanted to mark unavailable.
On the right side of your Edit Details screen, you'll see Group Items and all of your section items underneath.

It should look something like this:


Now that we've found the item we wanted to mark unavailable (i.e., the American) we're going to go ahead and click on it.

  • Underneath the Location availability section, we can go ahead and select the location you're trying to mark it unavailable at.

  • For this example, we're going to mark the American burger unavailable at the location named 52nd & 2nd.

  • Click the blue toggle button underneath Availability that corresponds to the correct location and don't forget to click Save.


P.S., If you ever want to mark a modifier group for any of your items unavailable, you can do that too!
Just click on the Item Options you want to mark unavailable and toggle that blue button.

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