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Searching for Guests
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Searching For Guests Feature


Searching for Guests is a feature in the Admin Dashboard that provides you with the ability to know who is engaging your business and to review their profile information.

NOTE: Guest information is saved by virtue of the guest creating an account via Web or App for your business.

Searching for Guests Process

Step 1: When looking to manage guests, start by logging into your dashboard and selecting Guests from the menu pane.


Step 2: This will load up a list of 20 guests, ordered by most recently registered by default. You'll also notice at the top of the page that there are also multiple additional filters available for you to search for specific guests, such as:

  • First Name: Find a guest with the given first name.

  • Last Name: Find a guest with the given last name.

  • Email: Find a guest with the given email they have entered.

  • Phone Number: Find a guest with the given phone number.


Step 3: Selecting Filter will perform a search with the criteria you've provided.


Step 4: Selecting Reset will reset all the search criteria you've provided, and return to the default list of the 20 most recently registered guests.


Step 5: Each guest in the list displays the following sections:

  • Details: Detailed information about the guest, which includes:

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • User ID

    • Account Created (date/time)

    • Address

    • ZIP Code

    • Shirt Size

    • Gender

    • Birthday

  • Contact: Information pertaining to methods of contact for the guest, which includes:

    • Phone Number

    • Phone Verified (toggle on/off)

    • Email Address

  • Orders: Quick access to information on loyalty for the guest, including:

    • Available Loyalty (dollar amount)

    • Loyalty Progress (points)

    • Lifetime Spend (dollar amount)

    • Lifetime Orders (quantity)

  • Patron Options: Options to ban guests, if needed.

    • Is Shadowbanned (toggle)

      • If you toggle this option to on, then the guest will not be able to log into your restaurant portal for ordering (Web or App) and will receive the following message: We had a problem processing your request at this time, we apologize for the inconvenience.

    • Is Employee (toggle)

      • Toggle this option to on for employees so that they can place Catering Orders for Guests manually. When an error is made with a catering order, this feature allows the employee to make changes for the guest.

    • Ban Guest (button)


Step 6: Select the History button (located at the bottom of the main detail information) to display order history info on the currently viewed guest. The Order History section will display historical info. The Order History will display the following information:

  • Check #: The number listed on the check.

  • Location: The location where the order was made.

  • Type: (Completed, Paid, Captured, Takeout)

  • Order Date: The date that the order was made.


Step 7: Below the main detail information for the guest, are a series of sections with specific functions. These sections include:

  • Loyalty History: Displays history for loyalty.

  • Order History: Displays the guest's order history.

  • Cards On File: Displays the credit cards stored in the system.

  • Subscriptions: Displays the subscriptions that the guest is involved in.


Step 8: It is possible to award loyalty to the guest from the details screen by clicking on the Award Loyalty button.



  • What does shadow banning look like on the guest side? The guest just can't log in? Shadowbanning, on the guest side, will appear as shown below when activated and the guest attempts to log in.

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