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Lunchbox 2.0 Payment Features

30 articles
Payments FAQAnswers to common questions related to payments
Why do Online Payments Fail?This article is iterative and lists the types of payment failure, the reasons why they fail, and how to troubleshoot it
Why Is My Payment Declined?This article is iterative and lists the most common reasons a payment gets declined and how to solve it.
Integrated PaymentsThis article explains payments integrations and lists the types of integrated payments Lunchbox integrates with
Payment ProcessorLearn all types of payment processors Lunchbox integrates with and how it works.
Payment GatewayThis article explains what a payment gateway is and how it works when integrated with Lunchbox
Payment ReconciliationThis article explains payment reconciliation and ways to do it for specific POS
Pay at StoreThis article describes the Pay at Store feature and how to set it up inside Lunchbox
Handling Payments DisputesThis article explains what is a payment dispute and how to handle it according to each processor
Sift: Overview
Sift: Configuration
Sift FAQ
Paytronix Comp Cards
Handling Fraudulent Transactions