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Paytronix Comp Cards
Paytronix Comp Cards
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Comp Cards are a user-friendly and adaptable method of offering customers discounts and rewards. These cards are preloaded with different dollar-based discounts that can be fully redeemed during a purchase. Comp Card utilizes our loyalty integration with Paytronix, ensuring a straightforward and efficient redemption process. Customers can effortlessly present their Comp Card during checkout in the gift card section, and their discount will be automatically applied to their order.


Step 1: Navigate to the location in the admin dashboard and set the location loyalty provider to Paytronix (This step needs to be done for each location in the chain)

Step 2: Have the chain's contact with Paytronix get these values:

Username/Password for the Gift card Gateway

  • Paytronix Store Codes

  • Merchant ID

  • Wallet Codes - there will be many; more than likely

    • Get names and POS IDs for discounts that will be offered. Ideally, the chain should have one discount item in their POS, we will send all discounts. (This may not be the case for all chains.)

Step 3: Create discounts for supplied discount names in the Lunchbox dashboard using POS IDs for the POS reference field. Coupon creation documentation:

Chain must also communicate the POS IDs for the categories that include items that they want to be discounted (for example, If they wish a sundae discount, it is more than likely be a "dessert reward," and Paytronix would need the POS ID of the Desserts category)

Step 4: Create a Gift Card Payment type for Paytrinix using the information gathered in Step 2 for each location

Step 5: Attach the Payment type in Step 4 to the Service types for each location

Step 6: Navigate to Settings>Comp Cards

  • Add the gift card ranges - {"ranges": [["XXXXXXXXXXXXX", "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX"]]}

  • add the pay proc id (this is usually 19)

  • set enable to True


Currently, we are only supporting the following with Paytronix Comp Cards:

Discount Types

  • $ off subtotal

  • Reward Dollars (equivalent of Lunchbox Loyalty Credits)

Redemption Criteria

  • Only one Comp Card per order

  • You cannot redeem a Comp Card and a Gift Card on the same order

  • You cannot redeem a Comp Card that has multiple wallets/rewards on it (need to confirm with ENG)

  • You cannot view your Comp Card balance on the Lunchbox front ends

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