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Sift: Configuration
Sift: Configuration
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Sift provides machine learning-based solutions to analyze data, detect anomalies, and make real-time decisions to mitigate potential risks. Sift offers fraud detection, content moderation, and insights to help businesses maintain a safe and secure online environment.

The Sift integration involves connecting Lunchbox's existing systems with Sift's APIs. This integration enables real-time analysis of Sift's user fraud rating and transactions, allowing Lunchbox Inc. to proactively identify and thwart fraudulent behaviors.

Steps for configuration

Note: Ask your Lunchbox's account manager to assist you in setting up Sift

Step 1. Log into your Lunchbox Account and Switch to old adm. Then click on Menus.

Click on Menus

Step 2. Click on Edit Provider

Click on Edit Provider

Step 3. Click on Sift

Step 4. Click on Subscribe Sift

Step 5. Click on Sift Score Threshold

Click on Sift Score Threshold

Step 6. Enter the Sift threshold

A good rule of thumb for a threshold is 50-65

Step 7. Click on Update Provider

Click on Business Hours…

After updating the provider, wait 45 min before moving on to Step 8 for the settings to propagate to Sift.

Step 8. Navigate to Settings > Chain > Sift_Fraud_Endabled - change the setting to True and Update

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