Lunchbox 2.0 Gift Cards
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Lunchbox 2.0 Gift Cards


Gift cards are prepaid certificates issued by the restaurant. They are used as an alternative to cash or credit, allowing guests to purchase goods within a particular restaurant or restaurant group. Guests can purchase physical or virtual gift cards and send them to another guest for redemption in the restaurant or at checkout online or in-app.

Lunchbox Gift Cards

Lunchbox Gift Cards are powered by eCard Systems, a gift card provider that integrates with our system and other various platforms and provides.

What You Can Do With LB 2.0 Gift Cards

  • Gift Card Redemption (online/in-store)

  • Gift Card Purchasing

  • Gift Card Gifting

  • Preload Cards (Guests get a gift card associated with their account at inception, which can then be reloaded.)

  • Corporate Pooling/Reconciling (extra cost)


  • Gift cards are guaranteed revenue for restaurants and can help drive new and repeat business

  • Stong and Trusted Integration Partner in eCard Systems

    • Offers robust integration opportunities

    • Streamlined Onboarding Process

    • Expedient Support

  • Flexibility: Lunchbox Gift Cards let guests choose how they use the card, ensuring they get something they want.

  • Convenience: Lunchbox gift cards are easy to purchase and use, and they simplify the gift-giving process, especially for last-minute or distant recipients.

  • Perfect Fit: No size or fit concerns, as recipients can select exactly what they want.

  • Celebration Ready: Ideal for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions, gift cards add a touch of indulgence and celebration.

  • Budget-Friendly: Givers can control their spending by choosing the desired amount for the gift card.

Supported POS

  • Brink - Beta

  • CBS Northstar- Beta

  • Digital Dining- Beta

  • Maitre’d- Beta

  • Micros 3700- Beta

  • Micros Symphony- Beta

  • NCR Aloha AOO- Beta

  • NCR Aloha BSL- Beta

  • Nextep- Beta

  • OnePOS- Beta

  • POSitouch- Beta

  • Revel- Beta

  • Square- Beta

  • Toast

  • Xenial- Beta

  • Xpient- Beta


  • Only ONE Escrow Location can be used to hold the Gift Card Liability

Note: When using Toast, in-store spending requires pressing the gift card button. You cannot just swipe the card after clicking pay.

  • You can not see Toast purchased gift cards in Lunchbox, only on Toast

  • All Physical Gift Card purchases have to be done In-Store

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