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Scan to Pay & Rewards (LB 2.0)
Toast Scan to Pay & Rewards: Configurations (LB 2.0)
Toast Scan to Pay & Rewards: Configurations (LB 2.0)
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Toast Scan to Pay & Rewards: Configurations (LB 2.0)

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Onboarding & Configurations

Please reach out to Lunchbox Support or your Lunchbox Point of Contact to begin configurations Scan to Pay & Rewards in your App for your guests to utilize for in-store payment, earning, and redemption.

Toast API Request for Scan to Pay & Rewards

Once you’ve begun communication, please ensure that your Toast API is Integrated with Lunchbox V2:

Timeline: If you need your loyalty re-configured to Lunchbox at a specific date/time, please ensure that you submit the API Email request in STEP 7 to the Integrations Support team <[email protected]> at least 3 to 5 business days ahead of that date/time.

Note: that configuration changes can only be done Monday-Friday between 9am-7pm ET by Integrations Support.

Loyalty Config Request Guidelines

Use these steps to work with your Lunchbox POC to configure Toast API for Scan to Pay & Rewards:

Lunchbox Configurations

Your Lunchbox POC will setup the following...

WARNING! The following settings are required to allow scan to pay and scan for loyalty to work and should not be altered in any way using the Lunchbox Admin Dashboard.

  • Turn on Lunchbox Loyalty for all Locations under Loyalty Provider. (including the Master Restaurant)

  • Approving and enabling the Local Dine-In Service Types and checking off the Credit Card option under Payment Processing.

  • Adding an Open Item Menu and a Dine In Menu to all Locations set to 24 Hours and set to not affect display hours that are configured with the Dine In Service Type as visible.

  • Having Toast Setup Your Lunchbox Payment Type with the V2 Tender API Type

  • Activating the Toast Order Providers Toast Setting at all locations.

Turning on Scan to Pay and Scan for Loyalty

Once Lunchbox completes the above configurations, they will then enable Scan to Pay and/or Scan for Loyalty depending on your preference. If you would like to manage this feature moving forward you can do so by following these steps:

  1. In the new Lunchbox Admin panel, navigate to Design > Mobile Apps > Display Options

  2. Here you will find 'Display Scan to Pay' and 'Display Scan for Loyalty' toggle them on/off and click Save:

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